My babies!

My babies!
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Monday, December 2, 2013

Doctor Appointment This Morning.....

Hate doctors appointments-
Hate being at the wrong location!
Hate being late!
Hate being force fed information!
Hate getting the dreaded A1C results!
Liked The New Office Location!
Loved the Diabetes Educator and Nurse Practitioner!
Loved that when I wrote on our form " We do not want to talk about getting on a pump today "- They actually listened and respected Kaci's ability to choose shots or a pump since it is
She didn't choose Diabetes- it chose her.
*She can not choose not to check her blood sugar before every meal.
*She can not choose not to give herself insulin after she eats.
*She can not choose not to carry her meter, insulin and some form of sugar every where she goes.
*She can not choose not to take her night shot.
*She can not choose not to have her lab work and check up visit every 3 months.
**But she CAN DAMN WELL CHOOSE how to get her insulin!- and she chooses SHOTS!
Loved Kaci's A1C has gone down since her last visit!
LOVED that Kaci enjoyed the Diabetes Educator and Nurse Practitioner as much as I did. They were both  pleasant and kind. They answered our questions, helped us change meal ratios / carb correction calculations, and respected that at this time Kaci does not wish to be on a pump!
LOVED that Kaci's A1C has gone down!
Loved Our Starbucks Red Cup on the way home!

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