My babies!

My babies!
Catch up on our families daily adventures, learn more about our dreams and experience life with diabetes through our eyes! Grab a cup of something warm and read on to learn more about my Random Thoughts....

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Trick or Treat- Smell My Feet!

Happy Halloween 2013
 Posing for Mom!
 Looking good, Robin!
 Hanging tough, Michealangelo!
 My three favorite people!
 Making some good candy trades!
 Even Grandma Dee and Papa showed up for the fun!
Looks like we are set for a while!
Another successful Halloween!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Getting ready for Halloween!

Every year they have a costume contest at Clint's work. In the past - he has dressed up and participated- but not the last few years. This year- he decided that he would enter the contest again....
So here he is working hard on his costume.
Any guesses?
The cutest Sign Flipper you have ever seen?

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Time to carve the pumpkins.....

 Bailey is working hard drawing his design.
 Kaci cleaning out the seeds!
 Clint decided to get his hands goey too!
 Even the dogs wanted to see what was going on.
 Nice job, Bailey!
 Ah! Kaci's pumpkin is eating a pumpkin!
Happy Halloween 2013~

Say Boo To Diabetes- 2013

Today we celebrated our 5th Annual
 " Say Boo to Diabetes Walk!"

 Hard to believe it had been 5 years since we were thrown into the new world of Type 1 Diabetes.

 This year we worked really hard to raise money
(every year it seems to get harder)

This was our 3rd year to sell team tshirts to help raise funds. This year we decided to come up with a really cool shirt design and really push the t-shirt sales. We raised $248- just in shirt sales! Not too shabby! We also sent out our annual postcard and created our very own JDRF collection meters online. 

 We started fundraising towards the end of July- and by walk day (October 27th)  Kaci had raised $1506 to help find a cure for T1D!

 I was nervous about the weather- since when I got up at 3 am to let the dogs out it was pouring buckets! Thankfully- by the time the alarm went off - the skies had cleared.

 I am thankful for everyone who made a donation to our team- no matter how small you think it is ....we think it is GRAND!

I am so thankful for all the friends and family we had show up at the walk to support Kaci-

I am thankful for all of the wonderful friends and familiar faces that I met up with at the walk - so that I am reminded that  we do not walk this walk alone.

I am thankful to all of my co-workers who wear Kaci's shirts throughout the month of October and the rest of the year to show their support and love! Nothing better than walking in to work and seeing so many beautiful people that I love supporting Kaci!
I am thankful for wonderful teachers and school nurses who allow me to have peace of mind when Kaci is at school.

 I am thankful for Kaci- she is brave, and kind and full of grace! She is my hero!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Express wins it all!

Saturday was a very busy day for Bailey and the Borchgardts!
Bailey had his 2nd game of the play-offs at 10 am. We arrived about 9 for warm up and prepared to play the Lugnuts! I think they boys were a little bit sleepy the first inning- but once the scoreboard showed them they were behind-
they woke up pretty quick!
It ended up being a win for the Express with a 9-2 end score!
We grabbed a quick bite to eat at McDonalds and headed back for the Championship game at 1:30 and we played the River Bandits! The boys played hard and gave it everything they had! They took first place in the Championship when they beat the Bandits 9-0! What a great season!
 Here is Bailey with Coach Jason and his First Place Championship medal! I love that smile!
Here is a great picture of the whole team. Way to go, Boys!
One of the moms made this AWESOME team cake! It was so good! Better than any cake I have ever had. I loved that she put all the boys names around the edges.
 After the game, Bailey and I joined the team for an end of year party at Brooklyn Heights Pizza! I wish I had taken a picture of Bailey with his slice of pizza! I have never seen one so big! It was HUGE! The boys enjoyed playing outside, while the parents enjoyed chatting inside!
Just before it was time to go - the Coaches passed out the boys First Place End of Season trophies! WOW! Another one to add to Bailey's collection. We really need to get to Home Depot to build his trophy shelf in his room.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Here's to Hoping......

I "heart" baseball season!

Bailey has had a blast playing for the Express this year.

There are eight games in the regular season and they won them all! They took first place in the regular season last week- and tonight was the first game in the "single-elimination" play offs. It started out questionable- but the boys ended up winning 9-2.

Way to go, Express!
Way to go, Bailey!
Bailey had to celebrate tonight with a McFlurry
from McDonalds on our way home!
I got a large sweet tea!- Heaven! (been craving one all day)

They advance -and play again this Saturday at 10. If they win that game- they will play in the Championship game at 1:30.

It would be awesome for the boys to take first place in the Championship game and win ALL 11 of their games!

Here's to hoping.....

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Say Boo To Diabetes 2013- Let's Do this!

In just a few days we will be walking in our 5th annual Say Boo to Diabetes Walks! Kaci was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes on July 28, 2009.

It was a day I will never forget and
one that I wish I could forget forever!
 She was only 7!
 She was beautiful!
 She was smart!
 She was silly!
 She was mine....
She was my heart!
 Kaci will be insulin-dependent for the rest of her life. She receives approximately 2, 190 shots a year (and that many finger pricks- if not more). In addition to her rigorous blood testing and insulin shots, everything she consumes must be weighed and measured, and her blood levels (at times) need to be checked while she sleeps and plays.
Kaci has always been a trooper and rarely complains. As you all know, she is full of smiles and laughs!. Kaci continually amazes us and is a blessing to have in our lives as a daily reminder of spirit, humility, and a positive attitude.

Kaci used to ask us, “When is my diabetes going to go away?” It’s was a painful question to hear.
It is even more painful that she doesn't ask that question anymore. 

The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) is the #1 non-profit funder of diabetes research worldwide. One of JDRF’s largest fundraising events is the “Walk to Cure Diabetes." This year’s walk will be held on Sunday, October 27th at The Domain at 9:00.

If you are interested, there are three ways you can help us make a difference for Kaci:

· You can join our Family Team, which consists of family and friends who collect pledges and walk with us.

· Send your donation and contact others in your circle of family and friends to donate as well. 

· You can send our family a tax-deductible contribution in any amount, made payable to JDRF. We will deliver any donations in Kaci’s honor the morning of the Walk.

Here is the link to our walk page if you would like to make a donation.

 She is 11!
She is beautiful!
 She is smart!
She is silly!

She is mine!
She is my heart!

I remembered to be grateful for all that we have!

It has been way too long since I have blogged.
It has been way too long to try and catch up....
You win some....
You lose some....
I think when I was posting on the site more often, I was winning!
Once I stopped posting- seems as though all hell broke lose-
It has been a busy couple of months-
Here is a brief summary-
Moved in the new house- May
*It is beautiful!
*We have great neighbors!
*I love this place!
Got the pool finished-June
*It is beautiful!
*Not too deep like I worried!
*The fountain is awesome!
Clint had a bad bike accident- August
*Suffered a concussion!
*Got stitches in his eyelid, under his eye and in his chin!
*Lost a tooth!
*He has made numerous trips to the ER!
*He has had plastic surgery for a secondary infection in his chin!
*Been to a plastic surgeon, family doctor, dentist, endodontist and an oral surgeon!
*Scheduled for a bone graft later this month and will have an implant sometime next year!
*Still suffering from headaches and dizziness!
Kaci broke her ankle when she fell off of her bike- September
*Broke her fibula and tibia!
*Shifted her growth plate!
*Wore a cast from her toes to her mid-thigh for 3 weeks and used a wheelchair!
*Wore a walking cast for a week and a half with crutches!
* Currently wearing a boot and goes for a follow up on Monday!
Bailey is having an AWESOME baseball season- October
*The Express took first place for the season and was UNDEFEATED!
*Start the play-offs tomorrow- single elimination. If they win tomorrow we go on to play Saturday at 1:00-- if they win that one they are in the Championship game at 1:30!!
Me....well....I fell apart and nothing was wrong with me.
*I took a 4 week leave from work!
*I felt guilty everyday that it was Clint and Kaci suffering and not me. (always seems those 2 get the short end of the stick!)
*I talked to lots of doctors, drove to lots of doctor appointments and when I was not feeling sorry for myself and my family....
I remembered to be grateful for all that we have!