My babies!

My babies!
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Friday, April 30, 2010

When I think about everything wrong, I remember how amazing life truly is and the fact that I like being imperfect!

BAD DAY! D; Pictures, Images and Photos
So - this has not been the best week for me...and I can't really put my finger on just why. No one was sick, no one was grumpy (other than me) ! The weather was nice for the most part....and it was even payday on Friday- but for some reason....ever since that crazy Dizzy Mummy game...I have been a little out of whack! I did have a terrible migraine on Tuesday night that had me throwing up in the middle of the night....and it stuck around (in milder form) until Thursday afternoon.

Well - today was Kaci's field trip- and I will be honest....I was not feeling it! UGH! It was very overcast and cloudy with a slight chance of rain. So, of course, you know what that means.....the field trip is outdoors! ha All 10 of the 2nd grade classes were walking to the park for lunch and to play organized games that several of the moms had set up. As I was waiting for Kaci's class to come out- I started talking to one of the other moms that was waiting. We struck up a conversation about hair her daughter is a proud "bow head", just like Kaci. She was sweet, easy going and funny- and wanted to go on the field trip almost as much as me :)

friendship Pictures, Images and Photos

Before long, the kids arrived and we were on our way. Not even half way there.....the rain began to fall. Just a sprinkle at first but before we got all the way hair was soaking wet! The teachers made the decision to stay - while I bribed Kaci with a trip to McDonalds if we could please just go! She agreed ...and I was thrilled. The walk back was even wetter- but we had the company of our new friends....the mom I had met up at school and her daughter!

Happy Meals Pictures, Images and Photos
We checked Bailey out and headed to McDonalds. We didn't catch him before he had eaten lunch, but he enjoyed an ice cream cone (as did Kaci after her Happy Meal) I enjoyed getting to know my new friend and Kaci and Bailey enjoyed theirs.

By the end of the afternoon- I no longer felt grumpy! I felt grateful and happy! Sometimes you meet the right people at the right time - And the things they say or do can affect you in ways greater than they may ever know. So- here is to my new friend. Thank you for spending the day with me and my kiddos! We had a blast! I am humbled by your outlook on life, your humor and your grace. Thank you!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

We raised $165 in April for JDRF!- (Uncle Chad's match makes it $330!!!)

*** Kaci and her Uncle Chad!***

We would like to thank the following people for donating to JDRF in the month of April.

Uncle Chad is never going to believe how much money Kaci has raised. Remember in the month of April only- he offered to match $1 per person! Well- Kaci raised $165 and when Chad matches that it will make the final donation $330!! AMAZING!

Well, I am happy to say- friends and family and even strangers....really came through for Kaci

We would like to thank the following people for their generous donations!

Stacy Ramos, Kory Ramos, Jacob Ramos, Katie Ramos, Jennifer Yeatts, Billy Wisnoski, Bobbie Wisnoski, Breanna Wisnoski, Billy and Linda Keeton, Margaret Mallard, Kim Whitson (and a handful of her friends), Scott and Reese, Norma Pitman, Corey Pitman, Kelly Pitman, Lisa McDaniel, Patricia Riley, Scott Riley, Callie Riley, Jessica Riley, Dustin Mc Daniel, Gabby Iglesias, Bailey Borchgardt, Valerie/Zane/Camerson and John Forseberg, Snuggly, Ginny, Gordon, Brooke, Jessica/Marty/Romy/Reese and Hunter Walker, Denise/Andrea/and Mark Simons, Bill Suchan, Ami Suchan, Winnie Suchan, Michelle Banks, Roger Banks, Hana Banks, Sam Banks, Norma Minnifee,Amber/Mark/Colton/Chloe/and Kenadi Eskew, Ty, Jackson, Honey and Chris Crowley Beth Talle, Tom Geren, Charlene Geren, Papa and Grandma Dee, Lynette & Doug Ratchford, Kylee Lambert and family, The Lowe family,Gary Johnson and family, Kendal/Steve/John and Sage Enslow, Gabby Villareal, Jimmy Hoffman, Fancy Peart, and Meow Meow!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Minute To Win It!

Uncle Chad never ceases to AMAZE me! Ever since he has moved to Dallas - Kaci and Bailey have received a treat from him in the mail EVERY week. It may just be a post card, or a card filled with stickers- but they are going to have a treat from him. He has sent them coloring books, pencils, gift cards, MadLibs, pictures, photos, puzzles and money.

NEVER misses seeing them when he comes in to town....NEVER!!!

He surprised us this weekend at Bailey's tball game and then popped over to the house again on Sunday morning. He knows how much the kids love games and the new game show, Minute To Win It! So- when he arrived he had 3 large bags filled with toilet paper, crepe paper, straws, red hots, plastic cups, tissue boxes, ping pong balls.....and more! Everything we needed to create our very own Minute To Win It game here at our house!

Clint set up the laptop in the kitchen so that we could hear the "Blue Print" for each game. For those of you that watch the show- you know that means the directions! The first game the kids played was Tissue Box. The kids had to pull out tissues one at a time, with one hand only in a minute or less! You should have seen the tissue flying!

Next- we used the empty tissue box to play, Junk in the Trunk! One of my FAVORITE! You strap the tissue box right above your "junk" then load the ping pong balls inside. Then you have a minute to shake all the balls out! Here is Kaci shaking her "junk"!

Bailey shook his "junk" next!

And you know I had to shake my money maker!! hahaha

Next was Triple Pong Bounce. You have to bounce a ping pong ball on 3 plates and into a container at the end. Bailey loved this one.

No idea what this one is called, but you had to balance a golf ball on a tape measure until it lands in a shot glass at the end. This one was much harder than you would think! I didn't get pictures of cup stacking or the game where you balance red hot candy on the top of straws...but Bailey is a professional cup stacker and Kaci was a whiz with the red hots!

So- last but not least....we played Dizzy Mummy~ the object of this game is to spin around until you have wrapped yourself up in the whole roll of toilet paper. Kaci went first and was so dizzy when she was done. I went next............... and the rest is history~ I was good, very good....until it was over~ The room was spinning and so was my head...both in opposite directions. I have never felt so sick in my life. After I laid on the floor a bit, I had to run to the bathroom to "'loose my lunch" After that, it was straight to bed for me. Clint brought me a nausea pill and I slept for 2 hours. Am I old or what!!??

Saturday, April 24, 2010

"Hey- batter, batter, batter! Swing- batter, batter, batter!"

Hey- Batter, Batter, Batter.....
Swing batter! Bailey his tball game on Saturday morning. It was the Sidewinders vs. the Bumble Bees!!!
Here is Bailey in the outfield and he is "baseball ready!"

PaPa never misses a game!

Kelly and Uncle Chad came in from Dallas Saturday morning just in time to make it to Bailey's game! How sweet is that? Bailey always has quite the crowd to cheer him on!

Hanging out in the back of the car talking to everyone before we headed out to lunch! Another great Saturday at the ball park!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Farque's Flamingos!

Field Day is coming up in May and each class has to have their own class flag! The theme this year is "Jungle" - So Bailey's class came up with the name "Farque's Flamingos" Mrs. Farque sent out an email earlier in the week asking if one of the parents would be interested in making the class flag! Well- anyone who knows me, knows I love art- and creating- so I immediately volunteered! I thought I would be able to draw or use construction paper and was a bit nervous to find out that I would have to use material and paint! (I have never drawn a flamingo either)

Well, thankfully I had all the paint and materials I would need in the Art Box Kaci and I have at I started right away! I looked up a picture of flamingos on the Internet and then drew one free hand on a piece of computer paper. The material was then I could just trace it on the square ....and even turned one around to face the other way!

Painting it turned out to be a lot of fun! I really like the way it turned out...Although Bailey said it shouldn't have had the orange on it.

Here is the finished project all outlined in black. Kaci said she liked it better before I outlined it. Maybe she is right, but too late now! ha You can't please everyone, huh? Bailey was so excited to take it to school to show his friends and they were super sweet and made me thank you card that they all signed!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Prissie Piggies!

"Bee Happy"- for this is your life!~
Been working hard on making lots of Prissie Piggies. Made these for a friend to give to a set of triplets at their birthday party this weekend. Love them! Summer Fun, White Lace and Plum Plaid!

It has been so much fun to create flips to match outfits, events and sporting teams! What fun! Above you see; Summer Fever, Hook em with a Twist, Troop Shoes and Flash Dance!

These are called Sunflower - and I will be making 4 pair of these for a friend in Dallas. Her mother's birthday is coming up - so she is treating her to a pair along with herself, her daughter and her sister in law. I can't wait to get a picture of the 4 of them wearing them all together!
These are called 'So Fun!" I love the little ones with the toddler strap. Something about their size alone makes the adorable.

I called these 'Little Bevos' and they will be heading out to Miss Romy! Have to find a pair of black toddler flips to match for Miss Reese!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Elgin Christmas Tree Farm!

Today was Bailey's class field trip to the Elgin Christmas Tree Farm! I know that sounds a little strange in April, but they have lots to see and do other than just Christmas trees. I must admit- I was not really "feeling it" that morning as it has rained buckets the night before and showed signs of raining again today- but it ended up being nice after all. It was a little cool and a little muddy- but with a light jacket and some tennis shoes, we made it through the day just fine. First thing the kiddos got to do was make a flower out of clay, yarn, a pencil and some pipe cleaners! What an invention- but none the less, taught them all the parts of the flower!~

Then they got to accomplish finding their way through a really cool maze! Look at Bailey rounding the corner! Go Bailey, Go!

The duckie races were certainly a hit! Bailey was very into it as you can see by the determined look on his face!

Next, the kids got to plant their very own seeds! I sure hope they sprout soon!

Bailey liked seeing all the animals on the farm; goats, chickens, horses...but most of all he liked this cute little bunny! After the trip- Bailey got to ride home with me. We stopped off at Meyers to pick up dinner and a little ice cream. It was nice to spend the day with my little man!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

" Where a kid can be a kid! Where a kid can be a kid!"

Today after school we headed straight to Chuck E Cheese to break up the week! The days are still moving quick .... and quite honestly, I am surprised! Usually the last few months of school seem to drag....but not yet :)

The kids hit the games first! Here are Grayson and Kaci riding with Chuck E.

....he even took me for a spin!

Here is Bailey winning some tickets on the Simpson game!

Before long it was pizza time! Here is my Piggie #1....

and my Piggie #2....

and my Piggie #3!

But- NO WORRIES! They worked off a little of their pizza by dancing on stage.

I love these 3 kids! I am not sure who had more fun....them or ME!!!

"Never complain and never explain," Benjamin Disraeli

Wow! What a great quote! Fits my mood today...

I think Chelsea gets it too...No explanation needed for these pics, huh? Don't ask! hahahaha

Monday, April 12, 2010

Sea anemones- "A group of water dwelling, predatory animals of the order Actiniaria; they are named after the anemone, a terrestrial flower."

Kaci had to complete a research project on Sea Anemones this week at school. The project included research as well as creating a diaroma to go with your research topic. She did an awesome job!! Just look how good this looks! She completed the whole project herself. She painted the box and glued real sand and glitter to the bottom. Printed out pictures of Sea Anemones on the computer- cut and pasted them. Sponge painted fish and starfish and added google eyes and sponged bubbles!


Saturday, April 10, 2010

Sidewinder- "A small rattlesnake of the southwest United States and Mexico that moves by a distinctive lateral looping motion of its body."

Well, Bailey had his first tball game on Saturday! It was a beautiful day..sunny with a few clouds, breezy, but not cold! PERFECT!

There were lots of people at the field....Bailey's crowd included: me, Kaci, Clint, Amber, Mark, Colton and of course....Papa! Bailey got a great hit with this swing!

Here he is taking his chance to run home....

and he made it! Nothing like a high-5 from Coach Ruben~

We are looking forward to a great season. Hopefully it will be less rainy than the last one.