My babies!

My babies!
Catch up on our families daily adventures, learn more about our dreams and experience life with diabetes through our eyes! Grab a cup of something warm and read on to learn more about my Random Thoughts....

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Giving opens the way for receiving...

Dear Friend and Family-

As you all know, we are always trying to help to find a cure for Juvenile Diabetes. Kaci was most recently featured in the JDRF Austin Chapter newsletter in appreciation for all of the hard work she had done in preparing and stuffing the KIDS SCHOOL WALK FOLDERS! These folders are used in fundraising events at different schools in the Austin area where students are encouraged to raise money to help find a cure for Type 1 Diabetes. Here is the link were she can be seen (she is on the last page of the 4 page newsletter)

We also sent her picture in to the Wall Of Change....where she used coins to write out the amount of time that she has lived with Diabetes. At that time, it is 1/2 year! The coins we used to spell it out will be donated to JDRF.

She was also featured in the 11th Annual HOPE BALL invitation- which is a special event which raises money in hopes of finding a cure.( I have attached that picture as well) This year's Hope Ball will feature spectacular silent and live auctions, Buckets of Hope, fabulous entertainment by Rotel and the Hot Tomatoes, great food, and much more - all to find a cure for type 1 diabetes.

Back in October, Kaci also participated in the "Say Boo To Diabetes" walk, where her team raised $1,575.00 ( thanks to your help) When we attended the Say Boo to Diabetes Awards ceremony in December- we learned that it is never to early to start raising money for the annual October walk. So- Kaci has a special JDRF piggy bank in her room that we are constantly dropping our spare change in to. Her Daddy has promised to match whatever amount she collects in that piggy bank by walk time. (I think he is getting nervous at how much she has...haha)

Well- most recently, her Uncle Chad has given her a match his words he wrote,

"Kaci~I am so proud of you for all you do to help find a cure for Diabetes. I know that it will help both of us!! So here is what I want to offer you!! For every Dollar you raise during the month of April, I will match it, and we can donate to JDRF! cannot get more than a $1 from every person.That means Mom can donate $1, Dad can donate $1, etc....and I will match every dollar you collect. So keep a list of every person that gives you a $1, and we will add them up at the end of April!!Does this sound like a deal?? Let me know!!I love you VERY VERY much!!!Uncle Chad"

So now, we send this email to you in hopes that you can help us! Can you donate some of your spare change - or even a $1 to help us find a cure? All of the money donated will be given to JDRF in October at the annual walk! If you need to mail your $1, please send them Attention: Kaci Borchgardt

Sunday, March 28, 2010

"Here come Peter Cotton Tail...hopping down the bunny trail...."

This weekend we went to our neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt and Family Gathering. It was lots of fun and the weather could not have been better.
Inside the pavilion the kids got to make their own bunny faces.

They even got to ride on ponies!

The hunt started at 11:30 and the kids were certainly ready (since the flyer had said it would start at 11:oo sharp!)

Here they are going through their loot! Bailey got 10 eggs and Kaci got 12- but she was willing to share and make it at even 11 each....PERFECT!

Bailey and I had to head home a bit early - as he had a birthday party at Pump It Up to attend. Kaci and Clint stayed behind to have Kaci's face painted. She was transformed into this cute little kitten.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Austin Livestock Show and Rodeo!

Kaci and I had a great time at the Rodeo on Friday night while the boys stayed home and did "boy things" PaPa asked us a few weeks back if we would like to go and see Steve Wariner and we couldn't wait. We had super great box seats...thanks to PaPa!

Here are Kaci and Colton getting a closer look at the action. I think Kaci's favorite part was the bull riding!

Posing for a picture!

Kaci and PaPa traded hats for a bit! Too funny! Steve Wariner was great. He sang all of his hits and doesn't look a day older! Too much fun.....

Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring Break is over!

I am not like most moms-You know...the moms that can't wait for school to start back up, for Christmas break to be over and for Spring Break to hurry up and finally end! No way! I love having my kiddos home with me. I love sleeping late and having pajama days. Watching movies, playing Wii and listening to them fight and bicker all day. Spring Break was lots of fun and the weather was great right up until the cold snap at the end....but it was just a cruel teaser for summer. BUT- there are only 47 school days to go until we get there! Let the countdown begin!!

There was one good thing about getting up and going to school today and that was the 3rd 9 weeks Awards ceremony. Here is Kaci on the stage accepting her awards in Math, Reading and Language Arts and Star Student! I am so proud of her. Hard to believe she is in 2nd grade heading towards 3rd.....AGHHH!!!!

Later that day, Bailey received his awards for Star Student and Math! I am so proud of my kids!

I love this picture of Bailey! Caught it right before he sat back down after receiving his awards. Some days he looks so grown up to me. Others...he looks so small. This is one of the "small" moments. Oh- my baby is growing up too fast!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

"More flags...more FUN!!!"

We packed up the car Saturday morning and headed to Dallas to spend some time with Uncle Chad and Josie and Stumpy! We didn't know what we would end up doing there, but we knew that we would have fun. We always do! Sunday morning - we ended up at Six Flags ready for some roller coaster rides with Uncle Chad and his friend, Kelly.
The first character we met was Tweety! He was super cute, but a little bit dirty!

Kaci and Bailey loved all of the rides. They don't get that from me. I like to hold the bags and watch from the sidelines! ha Here are Kaci and Kelly on Bailey's favorite ride...the ACME!

Sylvester loved Kaci and they danced together right in the middle of the park!

We didn't get to see the real Six Flags Dude (as we call him) - but Kelly and Uncle Chad did. This was as close as we got to him! I love this picture~

We had so much fun at the arcade games. Kaci and Bailey walked away with a few prizes- Bugs Bunny, Sylvester, a crayon, Scrappy Doo and a new guitar! They were ready for all the games after practicing them all on their Six Flags Wii game!! Where is all this stuff going to go??

I love this picture of Uncle Chad and the kids with Porky Pig and Daffy Duck! I think Porky is one of my favorite Loony Toon characters!

Here we are on Day 2!! Uncle Chad and Kelly had to work, but we decided to make another trip out on Monday. They got me on the tea cups. Boy was I glad when it was time to get off!

I love this picture of Bailey on the carousel. What a handsome boy. The best thing about the carousel ride is there is never a wait!

We had a great time in Dallas with Uncle Chad and Kelly! The kids are already asking when we are going to go back now that we are season ticket holders.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

...And we will be free!

Today we received the invitation to the 11th Annual Hope Ball benefiting Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Austin Chapter. These are the pictures that Kaci took back in November in hopes that she would be featured on the invitation as well as the posters and programs on the actual night of the event. We are so proud that she was chosen as part of the invitation!
Someday the news will come.
(Barrett, age 7 , diagnosed at age 5)

Because we looked deeper. Searched harder.
(Carson, age 7, diagnosed at age 6)

And were steadfast in our mission. (Ava, age 6, diagnosed at age 4)

And we will celebrate our friends and partners.

Because one day there will be a cure!

(Kaci, age 8, diagnosed at age 7)


The Taylor Swift concert was a blast! She put on a really good show. Here are the kiddos: Colton, Kaci and Bailey- with flat Taylor out front of the Erwin Center. You can also see their picture on the KASE 101 website. We enjoyed dinner at Waterloo before we headed downtown.

The concert was a little loud for Bailey- but it was nothing a little t.p. in his ears wouldn't fix. This picture so reminds me of my Nanny! Adorable!

Kaci and Daddy enjoying the show! Is that t.p I see peeking in Kaci's ears too?

Me and my baby!

It was a great night. One we won't forget for a while. I think Kaci and Bailey can mark it in the books as their first "real" concert!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

"Prissy Piggies"

Been getting ready for Spring! Making Kaci some new flip flops for her "Prissy Piggies"

Been thinking about trying to sell some on Ebay or Craigslist.
Got my hands on lots of ribbon today!

These are my favorite. The picture does not do them justice!
They are for the Taylor Swift concert tomorrow night.
Kaci's dress is super cute!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Ever After....

Here are a few of the photos taken by the professional photographer at the Daddy Daughter Dance. Ever After Images caught a few of the nights great moments!

Look at them getting down!

Love it~

The essence of all art is to have pleasure in giving pleasure. "

Tonight was the BIG Art Exhibit at the RRISD Performing Art Center. Clint has to work late tonight, but he took out just enough time to meet
us for dinner and to come out to the art show.
Here is Kaci in front of the PAC Center.
Let the show begin!

Here is Kaci's "featured" artwork.

It is called "papel picado".

There was so much nice artwork there. Lots of hard work and creativity in that building! Kaci must take after me....

I loved Art when I was in school and still do!

We are so proud of Kaci.
She really enjoys art and Mrs. Wing.