My babies!

My babies!
Catch up on our families daily adventures, learn more about our dreams and experience life with diabetes through our eyes! Grab a cup of something warm and read on to learn more about my Random Thoughts....

Monday, November 29, 2010

"It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!"

We have never had a Christmas tree that had beautiful matching ornaments- Our tree has never looked like the ones you see in the middle of the mall, or at a fancy hotel. Our tree has always had mismatched ornaments. A few of Clint's, a few of mine, a few that were given to us.

When the kids came along- we added a few with their pictures, a few made of paper, and even a couple made out of dixie cups and toilet paper rolls! Our tree is also adorned with lots of cartoon characters; My Little pony, Dora, Boots, Diego, Elmo, and the list goes on and on.....

Every year- the kids get to pick out their own new ornament. My plan is - that one day when they get married, or move out- they will take all of their ornaments with them for their tree. I think that might be harder than I thought.

Our tree has always had character- it is very unique. I wouldn't have it any other way! Here are a few of my favorite ornaments.

We bought this ornament in 2009-
the proceeds from Roxy Reindeer went to the JDRF Foundation.
I have had this ornament for many years. I will never forget that when I was younger- we went to KMart and bought a demo tree. It was covered in little wooden people and lights. We got to undecorate the tree in the store before we took it home AND we got to keep all the ornaments and lights. I am not sure how I ended up with this ornament or what happened to all of the others. Bailey has this one on the tree in his room this year. It is one of his favorites too!

Kaci got this ballerina from her Grandma last year.

This WAS Clint's ornament- but Bailey has now claimed it as his own!

Kaci received this ornament last year at her friend's Christmas brunch
and ornament exchange party!

Bailey made this ornament when he went to Grace Preschool - for the Jesse tree!

This was Kaci's souvenir after we saw ICE in Dallas- Who doesn't love Cindy Lou Who!?

Kaci and Bailey bought this UT ornament for Clint last year.

The next 2 ornaments are truly my favorite. They are angels made from Bailey and Kaci's feet and hands. We made these when I had my in home daycare.
They are made of foam and paper bags.

Here is Kaci's angel!

I won this one at a Bunco/Ornament
exchange party several years ago.
I love to shake it like a kid!

Here is Bailey's souvenir after ICE in Dallas last year!
The Grinch and his poor dog, Max!
Merry Christmas everyone! I am sure I will be posting more ornament pics later- This was a really fun post for me!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope you will enjoy these fun facts you may not have known about Thanksgiving. Gobble Gobble!!

How many degrees can a turkey see with its eyes?
270 Degrees! It gives a whole new meaning to having eyes behind your head. No wonder they are so hard to catch!

According to popular legend, where did the male “Tom” turkey get its name?
Benjamin Franklin named it after Thomas Jefferson when he would not allow it to be the national bird.

Do you know what foods were served at the FIRST Thanksgiving?
Deer, Codfish and boiled pumpkin. The pilgrims had no ovens to bake bread and no sugar or milk when thanksgiving came around. Their food supply that they came with was very low.

Who was the first astronaut to eat Thanksgiving

dinner on the moon?
Neil Armstrong

Did you know that there are at least three American towns named after the Thanksgiving Dinner main course? There's Turkey, Texas, with 496 residents; Turkey Creek, Louisiana, with 357 residents, and Turkey, North Carolina, with 267 residents. There are also eight places and townships named Cranberry, and 20 places named Plymouth, after the location of the first Thanksgiving.

Did you know that the first National Football League's Thanksgiving Classic game was played in 1934, when the Lions hosted the game as a gimmick to get people to go to Lions football games?

About how many feathers does a turkey have? 3500!!

How high must a cranberry bounce before it is harvested? 4 inches

And lastly…What vegetable did the pilgrims have available for Thanksgiving but did not use because they thought it was poisonous? Potatoes!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

"It has been rightly said that a mother is not a person to lean on, but a person to make leaning unnecessary."

Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday, Dear Mom!
Happy Birthday to YOU!!
And many more-
On channel four!
And Mr. Magoo-
On channel two!
And Frankenstein-
On channel nine!
And big fat lady-
On channel 80!!

Happy birthday to the best mom I could EVER ask for! Always there when I need her- always ready to listen (even if I am crying so hard she can't understand me) I love you so much! So- this year I am half your age, huh? I've been thinking about how you were my age (35) when you had me. I have always told Clint, "one more kid when I am 38"- What do you think, Mom?-

I love you! Hope you made a wish when you blew those candles out tonight!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

"I believe in the sun even when it is not shining, in love even when I am alone and in God even when He is silent."

Bailey's class sends home and email each day to let us know what went on at school that day. Each child takes a turn telling the teacher something they remember from the day and she types them all up together. Today - their email listed all the reasons they are thankful. The ones Bailey said are in BOLD type. Enjoy.....

Dear Families,
We are thankful for:
my family
our neighborhood
the peaceful earth that God has given us
my house
God for giving us food
my bunny
my friends
the earth
my teacher for helping me learn
the whole world, the people, and God
our school
my brother
my dog
our Thanksgiving
my neighbor

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Pump It Up!

Happy 9th Birthday, Kaci!
Day 2~

Today was Kaci's party at Pump It Up!

Tons of fun!

Tons of smiles!

Tons of friends!

Thanks to everyone who came to help us celebrate!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Happy Birthday and visit with Santa!

Clint took the day off today so that he could be a Watch Dog Dad at the kids school. They have been begging him since last year- and it finally happened! Bailey was so excited that he got to be on the announcements- and I think Kaci was thrilled that he chose to be a Watch Dog on her birthday. She likes that their picture will be on the bulletin board for the rest of the year. Clint only volunteered for a half day in the morning and checked the kids out of school at 11 for lunch! I ran some errands getting ready for the big party tomorrow at Pump It Up and then meet them at Casa Ole for lunch!
From lunch - we headed back over to Mac Haik to sign on my NEW CAR!!! So excited! Can't wait to get my new Ford Expedition XLT EL!!! It will arrive on Tuesday! Pictures to follow.

Then- to hold on to tradition- we went to the mall to visit Santa tonight! For the last 2 years we have done this on Kaci's birthday since he seems to arrive earlier and earlier each year. True- it is early, but we certainly beat the crowds and that is wonderful!
On our way, we stopped by my favorite berry tree to take the kids pictures while they were all dressed up. This is the same tree I took their picture by last year for our Christmas card. I think they turned out pretty cute, considering Clint was sitting in the car waiting for us and we took them in 5 minutes flat!!

I love this picture of Bailey in his new pair of blue jeans. He hasn't worn jeans since he was 2 years old. They are absolutely adorable and so is he!

Love this one of Kaci too! Hard to believe she is 9 years old!

Grandma Dee and Papa met up with us at the mall. Love these special balloons that Grandma Dee picked out for Kaci!!

...And drum roll it is! The picture of Kaci and Bailey with Santa! Priceless!

The kids even did a little posing with Grandma Dee and PaPa in front of Santa's big Christmas tree.

After a quick trip to Toys R Us Express to pick out a few toys from PaPa - the kids took a quick spin on the carousel that is now in the mall. Bailey picked this horse to ride.

Kaci picked the non-tradional giraffe! Gotta' love it!

Next - we were off to Build A Bear to spend Kaci's "Bear"day cash! Here they are giving their animals a quick blow dry and brush!

Bold Then we ended the night with a quick ride on the choo choo train with PaPa! Happy Birthday, Kaci!
What a great day....and more to come tomorrow with a big birthday party at Pump It Up and a sleepover with Grayson!

Happy Birthday, Kaci!!!

Happy 9th Birthday, Kaci!

Nine years ago today - I got the BEST birthday present EVER! True- she was a few days late- but I knew that she was coming and definitely worth the wait!

Kaci Jordan Borchgardt was born on November 19th, 2001 at 1:40 p.m.

My life would NEVER be the same.

She is my extension of myself.

When she hurts, I hurt.

When she cries, I cry.

When she smiles, I smile.

When she laughs, I laugh.

My favorite quote is listed a the top of my blog- It is true today and everyday.

Making the decision to have a child- It is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking outside your body." Elizabeth Stone

Kaci- I love you today and everyday!

You are such a smart and kind girl.

The world is a better place just because you are in it.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Happy Birthday and World Diabetes Day!

Sunday November 14th is World Diabetes day. It is also my birthday! Hard to believe I will be 35 this year. I ALWAYS forget my age- ALWAYS! Weird, huh? I don't think I am THAT old- but whenever someone asks me, I always have to stop and think. Then- I usually say 32. Only to quietly do that math in my head and find out that I have given them the wrong age. Oh well- If they figure it out - they will just think I was being funny. I don't know why, but I like 32. I think it was the first birthday I had in our new house.....Or maybe I like being in my 30's- not my mid-30's! Who knows! I don't think age really bothers me....or does it?

Novmber 14th is also the birthday of Sir Frederick Banting (November 14, 1891 - February 21, 1941), a Canadian scientist, doctor and Nobel laureate who discovered insulin with Charles Best. They were awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology of Medicine in 1923. Thankful for these 2 men. Without their discovery- well, let's just not think about it.

This year's slogan for World's Diabetes Day is Let's Take Control of Diabetes Now.

The American Diabetes Association informs that there are 24 million Americans with diabetes, plus another 57 million who are at risk of developing type two diabetes. Globally, there are approximately 285million people with diabetes.

In the last year and a half- I have spend many, many, MANY hours being sad and mad about diabetes. With Thanksgiving around the corner, I have chosen to find one thing to be thankful for each day.

Today I am thankful for these 2 men and the scientists and doctors who continue to search for a cure for this disease. I am also thankful that I am 35 and not 36 :)

Friday, November 12, 2010

"It's the most wonderful time of the year~!"

Looks like we will be going to see Santa on Kaci's birthday again this year. It has become a tradition in the last few years that we see him on November 19th (Kaci's birthday) Works for me....we get to avoid the crowds and I get my picture early enough to decide if I will use it on the Christmas card or not. Ho! Ho! Ho! See you soon, Santa!

The heart is happiest when it beats for others.


Dave came home for the weekend! Kaci wasn't at school today
( because of her toe), but I went and picked him up anyway!

I know Clint will be thrilled!