My babies!

My babies!
Catch up on our families daily adventures, learn more about our dreams and experience life with diabetes through our eyes! Grab a cup of something warm and read on to learn more about my Random Thoughts....

Monday, January 31, 2011

The Best Art Work EVER!

I am so proud of Kaci's art work.
Just look how good her drawing of The Best Christmas Pageant Ever turned out!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Pine Derby

Today was the Pine Derby races! What a day! We have been planning for weeks. Not sure if I posted the pics from the kids, Clint and I working on building them. If not, I will post later. Here is what Bailey's car looked like finished and ready to go!

First stop- weigh in! Each car needed to be as close to 5 oz. as possible. Bailey's weighed in at 4.9!

Kaci's car weighed it at 5 oz. EXACTLY! Way to go!!

Each Boyscout ran 5 heats...each consisting of 3 races!

If you won the race-- you got a blue sticker- if you came in a close got a green sticker!

Bailey won all 5 of his heats and out of about 40 boys - made it to the finals! Top 5!!!

Here he is ready to race his first run in the finals!

Once the scouts had finished up- the siblings got to race their cars on the track!

Kaci took on Skylar - and came in a close 2nd!

Trophies were handed out for the top 3 racers. (Bailey came in 4th) - But, he still got a ribbon and a certificate and we had LOTS of fun! Can't wait until next year

Friday, January 28, 2011

Harlem Globetrotters!

What a great night. I forgot my camera...can you believe it? All I had was my crummy phone camera! (oh captured a few moments for me!)

The Globetrotters really put on a fun show and then they stick around afterwards for autographs. The kids wanted a 4 point spot.....and that is what they had them sign.

Mobs of people and no orderly lines in sight....but Kaci must take after her mom a little bit. She just elbowed her way right on up to the front!

I think they ended up with 5 or 6 autographs and they were happy as pie! What a great night!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


So.... it is Science Fair time up at the school. Kaci is not required to enter a project, but can do so for *Extra Credit* this Friday. She is currently working on an experiment to see what liquid makes nails rust the fastest. (I will post more on that one later)
Her 3rd grade class is making a volcano as a "whole group" project to enter in the Fair. They can also make their volcano at home to bring in for MORE *Extra Credit* this Thursday. Kaci is always up for a challenge and *Extra Credit* - so last week we started working on our paper mache volcano.

Kinds looks like a weird bee hive here. (Bailey decided to make one with us too!)

Now it kinda' looks like a big cow patty!

Now it looks like an "AWESOME" volcano!!!

Here is her presentation poster that she typed up on the computer.

She had to describe how she is going to make the volcano erupt at school this Friday. We tried Big Red and Mentos, but it didn't make a big impression- so we are going old school.

Here is the description of how we made the actual volcano. I am so proud of her for taking on this extra work. I will post pictures of the eruption later.

Monday, January 24, 2011

What I love about Grandma Bailey

Bailey Borchgardt – age 6
She is really nice

She always gives us ice cream

She is always there for us

The way I want to be like Grandma Dee is being a great bowler like her on a League!!

What I like about Grandma Kaci!

Kaci Borchgardt- Age 9

The best things about Grandma Dee are....

I love how good Grandma Dee can cook.

How kind and sweet she is.

I want to be a good bowler like she is.

I want to play Bingo like she does.

and best of all I love how much she love's me!!!

Friday, January 21, 2011

I continue to HOPE....

Today I am volunteering to count and collect money for the JDRF Kids Walk at Forest North. I always have so much fun being a part of this program. This is the 3rd school I have counted for- Old Town, Live Oak, and now Forest North. I will be counting for Purple Sage (my old Elementary school) next month, as well as Kaci and Bailey's school, also in February.

It is so nice to see the kids come in with their collection folders. Some are filled with checks, some with cash, and lots and lots of them are filled with coins. I hear stories of grandparents and cousins who are affected by diabetes. I hear stories of how they walked around their neighborhoods asking for donations. I also hear the stories of how they have donated their own money after watching the video of the little girl with diabetes during the presentation. So sweet! I get excited about every penny! EVERY PENNY!

It is my hope that soon - I will be able to be in charge of the presentation and not just the counting. I recently watched Christina present at the kids schools. She was AWESOME! She only had 25 minutes to fill the kids with all of the knowledge of both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. She sang a beautiful song that her own daughter has written about what it feels like to have diabetes. I cried. She danced- she told jokes.....I laughed! She was AWESOME!

There is a brief video that she shares with the students mid-way through the presentation. It is a 6 year old girl talking about how diabetes has affected her life. I cried EVERY time the video came on. (I watched about 6 presentations) I cried in my car on the way home.I continue to cry...I continue to HOPE! If you would like to make a donation...Kaci and Bailey are collecting now through February 11th. Sometimes I am such a mess!

**ON A SIDE NOTE: I also met a really nice man while at the school. At first I thought he was a student teacher. He was in the gym helping the PE Coach. A really nice VOLUNTEER. Come to find out he was not a student teacher- just a dad who volunteers at the school ALL day EVERY Friday to help the PE teacher. (she has multiple classes on Friday and that makes for lots more kids!) I talked to him for a bit and discovered that he is a professional soccer player with 3 children of his own at the school. He saw the PE teacher struggling and decided to help. Said he feels it is important to give back. Said the students had no interest in soccer before he started coming- but now they can't get enough. So, if you have been thinking about volunteering- or if the opportunity arises- just do it! It often gives you so much more!**

Thursday, January 20, 2011

I had a dream last night, I was eating a ten pound marshmallow. I woke up this morning and the pillow was gone.”

Dad always has the best ideas! Started a fire tonight to roast marshmallows!

Kaci and Bailey loved it....

Look at the glow! Makes me wish we were back at the Frio River!

Kaci made this one was a little too dark for her- but PERFECT for me! YUMM-O!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Type I diabetes currently affects more than 3 million Americans and more then 13,000 children are diagnosed each year.

This year's fundraising recipient is the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF). The presentations were held on Friday to inform the students about both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. We are thrilled to see the school and community pull together to raise donations for a cause that is so close to our hearts. Kaci and Bailey even wore their TEAM KACI shirts to school on Friday to show their pride and commitment in helping the JDRF organization.
This year's fundraising recipient is the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF). I had these bows special made for Kaci to wear to show her support! (aren't they adorable!?)

The presentations were held on Friday to inform the students about both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes.
We are thrilled to see the school and community pull together to raise donations for a cause that is so close to our hearts.

Kaci and Bailey even wore their TEAM KACI shirts to school on Friday to show their pride and commitment in helping the JDRF organization.

Peace OUT!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

You have three choices; you can give up, give in, or give it your all !

Picked Kaci up early from school today (after treating her and Bailey to Taco Bell lunch) to take her to her 3 month check up with her Endocrinologist. So glad that Dr. Scott and RN Cassie have gained her trust and respect. She used to hate going - but now it is more like a *treat* to go to her appointments. Their new office is nice and so are they :)

We had a great check up! Her A1C1 was down from her last visit (even after the sweet - filled holidays) Way to go, Kaci! Her daily numbers are on the right track too! She even grew from 50 to 53 inches! PaPa is hoping for a volleyball she is on the right track there! lol!

Before the meeting was over- I just had to ask a few questions about an insulin pump. We have talked about them a little at home- and with Uncle Chad....

For those of you who do not know- the "PUMP" is composed of a pump reservoir similar to that of an insulin cartridge, a battery-operated pump, and a computer chip that allows the user to control the exact amount of insulin being delivered. The pump is attached to a thin plastic tube (an infusion set) that has a soft cannula (or plastic needle) at the end through which insulin passes. This cannula is inserted under the skin, usually on the tummy. The site must be changed every 3 days. You can take the pump off while showering or swimming, but you leave the "site" on. The pump is used for continuous insulin delivery, 24 hours a day. You even sleep with the pump. It is one shot every 3 days.....right now Kaci is taking about 16 shots every 3 days. WOW! That is a HUGE difference!

Kaci is unsure about them.....there are things she likes, and of course things she does not like- or is just unsure of. I think she is most fearful that putting the site on her tummy will hurt. Who wouldn't be?

Doctor Scott told Kaci that the best way to get over her fear was to try it and said that we could put a site on her tummy right there in the office. Kaci was not having, when Dr. Scott said Clint or I could try- I jumped at the chance! Kaci hid behind Dad who stood on my left, while Cassie stood on my right, to insert the device. I was certain that it was going to hurt - but bef0re I knew it...It was done. I was amazed!!! Of course, my tummy has a bit more cushion than most. On the way home it did sting a little bit- nothing horrible, but not pure comfort either.

I am wearing it for 3 days to see how it feels. Of course, I do not have the rest of the device on me. No strings and no actual device clipped to my pants pocket. No finger pricks to go along with it (people with pump devices still have to prick their finger to test their blood glucose levels) So I am SURE I am NOT getting the total effect! I will not pretend that this 3 day trial run of having the site alone attached to me is even comparable to what people with diabetes who wear pumps go through everyday. In the back of my mind- I know that when I take this off in 3 days I will not have to attach a new one. In fact, I know that if I wanted to take it off right now I worries.

So far, I have put my clothes over it, taken a bath with it, driven with it, sat with it, taught with it, and even slept with it. Although I hardly notice it...there are times that I can tell it is there. I am more cautious of my tummy and where I put it! It got caught on the table a few times yesterday. Didn't really hurt- but made me aware that I had hit it.

I will remove it on Saturday afternoon- and I must admit I am a little nervous about it. Chad said it just feels like taking off band-aid. I will let you know.

We came home with several booklets about different types of pumps. We even have a "Pump Contract" and only have 2 more steps to complete before Dr. Scott will order one for us! Kaci shared with her class the next day that she may be getting a pump- a pink one, of course!

I have mixed emotions about Kaci getting one. I am anxious, excited, scared, and every emotion in between. Will I be able to figure it out? Will I be able to get the site on her? Will I be able to set it? Will she like it? Is pink the right color choice? lol!

We are still fairly new to this whole diabetes thing......but we are getting the hang of things real quick! I am sure we can handle this. If you asked me 18 months ago - If I could do what I am doing today to take care of Kaci - I would have said "NO WAY!" You do it because there is NO CHOICE...and once she gets a pump....there is NO CHOICE. I will learn it and I will learn it well. I will give it my ALL!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

"Me want cookie NOW" - Cookie Monster

Cookies are here!!!
**NOTE** In this photo we are missing the newest cookie addition...
Shout Outs!- but we have them now!
Sales begin on January 19th!
I know we are strictly forbidden from selling before then- but I must admit- we have already opened 2 boxes. One box of Thanks A Lots for the kids and one box of Caramel Delites for me.
Why- oh why do I love those darn Caramel Delites so much?? And why oh why- am I the only one in my family who enjoys them. You know that means every time I open a box, I am responsible for eating the WHOLE thing! ACK!!!

Don't forget- you can donate cookies to the Troops! Just tell us how many and even what kind and we will do the rest :)

All "A" Honor Roll, Birthday and Tiger Pride!

So proud of Kaci! She had her award ceremony at school today and she received; All "A" Honor Roll (for the 2nd time in a row), the birthday award and Tiger Pride! I am so proud of her. We celebrated after school with a YoYo's Yogurt. Way to go, Kaci! Keep up the good work!

Just look at this report card!!!