My babies!

My babies!
Catch up on our families daily adventures, learn more about our dreams and experience life with diabetes through our eyes! Grab a cup of something warm and read on to learn more about my Random Thoughts....

Monday, February 28, 2011

Happy Birthday!! and A Poem for Daddy- By Kaci


D efinitely fun

A wesome

D efinitely funny

D ifferent in a good special way and loves

Y ou always.

I love you, Daddy!

Your the best!!!! Happy Birthday


**Kaci wrote this for Clint on his birthday!**

Saturday, February 26, 2011


Today we celebrated Bailey's 7th birthday at Gattiland with a great bunch of friends!!!
**Unfortunately, I could not get my camera to focus.....and ended up with only the pictures that Clint and Amber took on their phones. If you know know that I take AT LEAST 50 pictures at ANY and EVERY event! If there is not a picture of is almost like it didn't happen! I was so upset! **
But- regardless of my camera not working- I think the kids had a blast!
Here they are taking on the buffet!

Here is my baby- making a wish and blowing out all 7 candles on his ice cream cake!

I wish I could bottle up that JOY!

Thanks to everyone for making Bailey's birthday party such a fun time!
He really has some great buddies!!

Pack 565....Can't Be Beat!!

Today, after Bailey's birthday party, we also had his Blue and Gold Ceremony for Boyscouts out at Reunion Ranch. What a beautiful location and a perfect day. I was afraid it was going to be dreary and chilly- but it ended up being absolutely perfect! The skies were clear and there was just enough breeze to keep us comfortable.
Kaci enjoyed the petting zoo and brushing this cute little pony (once she found the "correct" brush, right Kaci? lol!)
** On a side note**This is the last picture I took before I realized what was wrong with my camera. When changing the lense at Bailey's baseball practice the other day- I had switched a small button from Auto Focus to Manual focus! So mad at myself.....

The boys had a blast earning several new belt loops.
Mr. Randall was in charge of teaching the boys how to play Marbles....I am still clueless, but I know it is a game my mother played when she was little.

Just look at my handsome scout!

Clint and Kaci had a little fun with washers and horse shoes!

Bailey tried his hand at Ultimate Frisbee and even made a touchdown (is that what you call it in this sport?) Well, whatever you call it....he did it!!

Here he is catching the football right before he ran it in for a touchdown!! He has the grass stains on his jeans and the bruises on his shins to prove both of them.

After all this rough play- the boys had worked up an appetite and we went inside to enjoy some delicious Bar-B-Que~

It was really good!- with peach cobbler and ice cream for dessert.

Then we headed outside to the campfire.Bailey received his belt loop for "Table Tennis." Way to go! Here he is receiving his belt loop from Mr. Jason.

Here he is watching all of his buddies get their belt loop honors!

Bailey and Jake! Such cuties!

Den 3 (that's Bailey's Den) received their rank!

It was a great day with family and friends!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bailey's "Birth"day Announcement

I look at you and wonder what dreams you will dream, what mountains you will climb, what joys you will have. I know there will be tears and struggles as well, but my prayer is that you will grow into the man you are meant to be! - Happy Birthday! Mommy loves you!

Hard to believe Bailey is 7 years old today! So much has happened in the last year!

He finished up an AWESOME year of Kindergarten with the BEST teacher in the WIDE WORLD...Mrs. Farque~ He tested with Mrs. Smith and was entered into the TAG (Talented and Gifted) program at school for the 2010-2011 school year.

He spent the summer enjoying several trips to the beach, playing t-ball, bowling on the Bumper Buddies bowling league and mastering swimming at Nitro Swim School. The Bowling Borchgardt's came in first place this year!! In June, he joined the Boy Scouts. He sold over $600 in Boy Scout popcorn at store booths with Clint.

In August, he started first grade. He also became a Riverdog- and played his first season of baseball at Town & Country.

He then followed in Kaci's foot steps and got glasses at the end of September.

In October, he dressed up like Luigi and walked for the 2nd time in the "Say Boo to Diabetes Walk" and helped our family team raise over $3, 000 this year. He also collected and donated money with Trick or Treat for Unicef. He had a great vacation to the Frio river and enjoyed the cabin life.

In December, we took a family trip to see ICE in Dallas, at the Gaylord Texan. The theme was Charlie Brown Christmas. He voted Sponge Bob Christmas as the 2011 theme! He attended the "Say Boo to Diabetes Award "ceremony and received the Helping Hand Award, Team Spirit Award and the Golden Sneaker~

In January, he participated in his first Pine Derby Race ever and finished in the top 5 out of almost 40 boys!

He tried out for baseball at Town & Country again this year and was drafted by the Dodgers! We can't wait for his first game!!

He has grown taller, smarter and more handsome (if that is possible) in the last 12 months. He has lost 2 more teeth and his grown up teeth have just started to make their appearance. He has made me laugh and cry- but most of all he has made me proud!

This year he has decided to have his birthday party at Gattiland. Should be lots of fun this weekend. He has such a great group of friends to help him celebrate his special day!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Update to JDRF School Walk

Got more late envelopes in TODAY!
The new total for Kaci and Bailey's
school collection is $7,609.53~
Way to go!!

Friday, February 18, 2011

The Gym Teacher From the Black Lagoon

Bailey got to pick out his birthday book at school today! He has been asking to do it since February 1st! I held him off as long as I could. He choose The Gym Teacher From The Black Lagoon . It will be presented to him in his classroom on his birthday and he will get to keep it for 2 weeks. It will also have a birthday name plate on the front page with his name, birthday and the year it was donated! He was so excited. Hard to believe his 7th birthday is just a few days away!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Properly trained, a man can be dog's best friend. ~Corey Ford

Happy 11th Birthday, Reagan! (Tradition of the birthday hat lives on!!- In our family- you MUST take a picture in the birthday hat on your birthday!)

Here she is enjoying some ice cream! We love you, Reagan!!

Is it hot in here......

Or does someone have Bieber Fever? Today after school we went to see Never Say Never- Justin Bieber in 3D! I am not sure who was more excited .....the kids.....or ME!!! Look- Kaci is even wearing his favorite color....purple!

I can't wait to go and buy his cds tomorrow!

A fun way to spend Valentine's Day- with 3 out of my 4 favorite people
(Kaci, Bailey, Justin and Clint) lol!
I look like a bug~ Bailey is cute though! We meet up with Clint afterwards for some Mexican food. What a great day!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Friday, February 11, 2011

You make a living by what you get. You make a life by what you give. - Winston Churchill

Today was the School Walk for JDRF!

I was so proud of my kiddos and all of the students at their school.

Together they raised $7,690.53~
AMAZING!!! - and more money is still coming in....

Kaci was the top fundraiser for 3rd grade and won an AWESOME JDRF t-shirt!

Thanks again to everyone!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

This year, more than 500,000 people will Walk to Cure Diabetes - and I am one of them!

Thank you to the following people and their families for donating to Kaci and Bailey's School Walk for JDRF; Kelly Rutherford, Beth Kosar, Stephanie Link, Chris Hall, Margaret Mallard, Chad Borchgardt, PaPa Felchak, Ginny Stratton, Amy Norton, BerBer Eskew, Zoe Garrett, Gabi Hanson, Kaci Borchgardt, Bailey Borchgardt and Margaret Cromwell. Thanks to all of you Kaci has $250.50 cents to donate at her school walk tomorrow. Bailey's grand total is $109.50! Way to go....I am so proud of them and so grateful to all of YOU!

I will be counting for the School Walk tomorrow and handing out t-shirts to the top fundraisers in each grade level. I can not wait to see how much money the school collects together! They have set their goal at $10,000- This was the same goal they set last year for Jump Rope For Heart and they ended up raising $13,000! Amazing! I will post total as soon as I know it.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Arithmetic is where numbers fly like pigeons in and out of your head. ~Carl Sandburg

If you know know I hate math. Welcome to my world of numbers.....

Wake up and check Kaci's sugar at 6 a.m. Her meter reads 108. correction! A great morning reading is between 80 and 130. She wants a smoothie for breakfast. Weigh the banana on the carb is 23 carbs. Add 1/2 cup of milk...that is 5 carbs. Add a yogurt cup .....that is 13 carbs. Put 3 strawberries in...they are 4 carbs. Add that all up and the total is 45 carbs. Breakfast insulin coverage is 1 unit for every 8 carbs, so I divide 45 by 8 and that is 5.625- Round up and that is 6 units of insulin.

She is taking her lunch today, so I have to write all the carbs down for the school nurse. I am making her a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Each piece of bread is 10 carbs, a tablespoon of peanut butter is 7 carbs and 1 tablespoon of sugar free jelly is 5 carbs. She wants to have pringles...they are 12 carbs. A pickle pack is 0 carbs. She is having water with sugar free add in and one cookie for is 15 carbs. So add all those together....59 carbs. Her insulin coverage for lunch is 1 unit for every 12 carbs. So divide 59 by 12 and you get 4.916. She checks her sugar for lunch at about 11:37 (** When the nurse checks her sugar at lunch it is 188. So to figure her correction you have to take her current blood sugar and subtract 130, then divide by 40) So 188 - 130= 58.....divide 58 by 40 and you get 1.45 for correction. Add that to her meal coverage of 4.916 and you get 6.366... Since her sugar was a litte high at lunch I will round that up to 6.5 units of insulin.

Now I have to pack her snack. To avoid having to get a shot at school for snack, Kaci usually takes a FREE snack. This means a food that contains no carbs: pickles, cheese, pepperoni, ham, or sugar free jello. Today I pack pickles. When she takes her blood sugar at 9:55, if it is above 129 she must eat her FREE snack. If it is above 130- she can eat her carb snack and her FREE snack. Today I will pack 3 carbs of crackers...Much more than that will require a shot. For 6 carbs she gets to have 3 Ritz crackers. When she checks her blood sugar today at snack it was 201. She eats the FREE snack.

When she comes home from school she is hungry. We check her blood sugar at 3:00 and it is 110- We pop a bag of popcorn and add a few M&M's for fun! The popcorn is 17 carbs and the M&M's are about 7 ....Add those together and her total carbs for snack are 24. At snack her insulin to carb ratio is 1 unit for every 15 carbs. Her blood sugar was 110, so there is no correction. I divide 24 by 15 and get 1.6. I will round that to 2 units for snack.

I start cooking dinner and Kaci comes to me and says her legs feel shaky. This usally means that her sugar is below 70 and she needs sugar to raise her to a safer level.We check her sugar and it is 64. Guess I should have rounded down the insulin at snack. OOPS! She is excited to get to drink a juice box to raise her sugar to a safer level. It is 7 carbs and should do the trick. We wait 15 minutes and recheck with another finger poke. Her blood sugar went up to 164. That did the trick!

Dinner is ready in the next 20 minutes- so we don't take her sugar again. We just use the last reading. For dinner we are having fettuccine, peas and butter bread. I boil her noodles separate because the box gives me the carbs for 56 grams of uncooked pasta. I weigh them on the food scale and they are 42 carbs. Add the sauce- and I make my best guess and say it is about 8 carbs. Bread with butter is 10 carbs. Peas are about 6 carbs. Add this all together and this meal is 60 carbs. Dinner ratio is 1 unit of insulin for every 10 carbs. So this one is correction since she was low before dinner, so I divide 60 by 10 and she gets 6 units of insulin. We usually do her shot as soon as she is done eating (just to make sure she eats everything or doesn't want more...since that will change her carbs up or down) but pasta and pizza take longer to digest. So, we wait about 30 or 40 minutes after she finishes to give her the shot.

Getting close to bed and her sugar must be above 120. We check it at 8:00 and it is 110. She needs some carbs to raise her sugar. She has a sugar free ice cream bar that is 13 carbs and 1/2 a cup of milk that is 5. We don't give her a shot for this snack, because we are trying to raise her sugar- but we still have to give her her night shot. It is called Lantus and it is her long lasting shot. It lasts for 24 hours along with her meal coverage shots. She takes 18 units. We check her sugar again at 9, just to make sure it has raised above 120 and discover that even after eating 18 carbs her blood sugar has only raised to 111. Sure that the food will continue to cause a rise in her blood sugar we send her to bed and set the alarm to check her at 2 a.m.

2 a.m. rolls around and the alarm goes off. I check her and she is 88. We have now poked her finger 10 times and she has taken5 shots .With 4 and 1/2 hours more of sleep- I fear if I don't have her eat or drink something she will continue to drop and go below 70 (this is when she needs fast acting sugar) So, I decide to wake her and have her eat 3 vanilla wafers, they are 2 carbs a piece and a 1/2 cup of is 5 carbs. That is a total of 11 carbs....again with no I am trying to raise her sugar.

When the alarm goes off at 6 a.m. I rush to her room to wake her for the day - and of course, check her blood sugar. The meter beeps and it is 112......

And the day begins again.....

Monday, February 7, 2011

Dine for Diabetes

Spread the word and eat at any Austin area Pluckers location on February 22nd. All you have to do is mention that you are with JDRF and they will graciously donate 10% of your bill. Doesn't it feel good to dine for a good cause?

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Apple from the tree......

Got Kaci's progress report today.
She is sporting a 99 in Reading, a 95 in Writing, a 95 in Social Studies and a 99 in Science!
I am so proud of this little girl....
I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree :)