My babies!

My babies!
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Friday, May 14, 2010

"Why not learn to enjoy the little things....there are so many of them."

Field Day 2010
Today was Field Day at Kaci and Bailey's school! What a great day! There were 12 different stations set up and the classes rotated through each one in 10 minute increments. Poor Bailey was pulling with all his might on this one...while Alahna seemed unsure of how she was supposed to help with the baton.

The weather was a little sketchy and the weatherman predicted a 40% chance of rain and even some thunderstorms. Love Bailey's face on this one!

I don't think the kids would have minded (minus the lightening and thunder) they were already getting wet from some of the games. This is a great picture of Bailey (above)

I thought this was such a funny station, "Monkey on My Back!" The kids just loved it.

Thankfully, the weather held out (although it was overcast and little bit cold) until Bailey's class had finished all 12 of their stations. Here is Bailey with his buddy,Andrew! They were so excited to have the same Field Day shirt and Mario swimsuit! Super cool!

Once Kindergarten and First grade moved indoors for dry clothes and lunch it was time for Second and Third grade to head out. A little bit cooler and a few more black clouds were lingering in the sky this time! Here is Kaci kicking the soccer ball for Gorilla Goalie!

Not too long before she was soaking wet too!

I was so happy to get some really great pictures of Kaci and her friends. Here she is with Adi and Jillann! So cute and so wet!

Here she is with one of her best friends, Miss Grayson!

I couldn't resist this picture~ I don't know why I think that monkey is so funny! It's the little things, I guess..... Unfortunately, the rain did not hold out and it really started coming down with just 3 stations left to go.....Overall- it was a great Field Day!

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