My babies!

My babies!
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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Girl Scouts in Wonderland

The day we have been waiting on for weeks FINALLY arrived!- The Daddy/Daughter Dance is HERE! This year's theme is, "Girlscouts in Wonderland!" How cute is that?

As soon as I heard the theme- I just knew I had to get Kaci the cutest Alice in Wonderland dress there was out there! Unfortunately- everywhere I looked they were for tiny little girls- or tweens. Kaci is a "tween" size girl now- but the "tween" size costumes looked like they should be on girls who work at Hooters. Needless to say- I couldn't find a cute one for the dance.

Then-I had the brilliant idea to post on facebook if anyone had a cute dress or costume that we could borrow - or an idea of where to find one less "hooter- ish" Thankfully, Grandma Becky from work - saw my post and graciously offered to make one for Kaci. AMAZING!! So ....scroll below to see her masterpiece.....

Is that not the cutest Alice you have ever seen? Kaci in Wonderland looked fabulous for the dance! I just love how cute it turned out. We lucked out and found the perfect headband, knee highs and shoes!! Grandma Becky was so patient with us and made adjustments to the dress 3 times with no complaints! Bless her heart!

Here they are smiling one more time for me! I just love how cute they look together here in this one. I was so thrilled that Clint was feeling good enough to make it to the dance. I don't think he would have missed it for anything.

Here is Kaci showing off her wrist corsage!

It was a perfect match to her dress~

Girl Scouts in Wonderland 2012~

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