My babies!

My babies!
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Monday, August 13, 2012

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger!

Kaci is having her first sleepover on Tuesday- away from home (without me!) that is not with her Aunt Amber or Uncle Chad! Uncle Chad has diabetes – and Amber is the only one in our whole family (other than Clint, Kaci, me and Uncle Chad) that knows how to give Kaci her shots and figure her ratios!

To say I am nervous is an understatement......
 I already had dreams last night about it and we are still another night away from the actual sleepover. 

If there is anyone I trust to watch over Kaci and make sure that she is okay- it is Jessica. I know that she will keep her eye on Kaci and call me if anything goes wrong or if she has any questions. I know that she will set her alarm to check Kaci at 2 am and then text or call me with the numbers. I know I will be wide awake here at home waiting on that number. 

I am going to rent myself some good movies from Redbox and crack open our new bag of Caramel Crunch popcorn from Bailey’s boy scout sales. It is caramel corn with a hint of cheese! YUMM-O! I will also be treating myself to a large Mountain Dew fountain soda from the gas station. 

I could be pulling an all-nighter!

I know that this is so important to Kaci. I know how proud she will be of herself. I know how much fun she is going to have with Romy and Reese! She is going into the 5th grade and has still not had a sleepover at a friend’s house. (she was diagnosed the summer before 2nd grade)

 I know she can take care of herself. She has been checking her blood sugar
by herself- almost since the beginning.She has been doing her own meal shots for over
2 years and can figure out her meal coverage and correction..
I am so proud of her!

About a year ago, she was promised by a friend’s mom if she would try giving her own night shot and she was successful- she could spend the night at her house. Within a week- she gave herself her own night shot. That sleepover hasn't happened ..but this one is about to!

 I don’t think people understand how huge that is....
giving herself her own night shot....
22 units of pure scary! 
She is my HERO!

So back to how proud I am of Kaci- I am super proud of her. Super, SUPER proud of her! 
But as much as I am PROUD...

I don’t want to scare people so much with my worries- that they are afraid to have her at their house. But I don’t want to make it seem so simple that they don’t pay attention and watch for warning signs. UGH!

I know Kaci needs this! I know Kaci wants this and most of all I know Kaci DESERVES this!!!

So I will hold my breath and suck it up and let her have this experience.

I know that it will be okay. 
I know that I will text Jessica so much that she will probably go over her text limits! 
But I also know that Jessica is one of Kaci’s biggest fans. 

I know that she wants her to be successful and happy as much as I do.

That is why I trust her with my baby.

That is why I will rent movies, eat popcorn and drink Mountain Dew.

 I can always sleep on Thursday night!

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