My babies!

My babies!
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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I take the BLAME!

Here we go AGAIN! This roller coaster-

Every year when school starts back up – we seem to get back on this same damn roller coaster.


The change in sleep patterns, eating patterns and overall daily routine really seem to throw Kaci’s blood sugar readings for a loop~pun intended!

Over the last few weeks we have noticed that Kaci’s blood sugars have been “Out of Whack!”
Out of whack on the HIGH side- UGH!Not that “Out of Whack”on the low side would make me any happier....that would be UGH too!

But she has had several readings over 300- those are the readings that make me cringe. When the meter *beeps* and the number on the screen is above 300- it is as if I can hear her body screaming inside!

I hear her eyes scream,” We don’t want nephropathy!”

I hear her kidneys saying, “We don’t want to fail you now. Please don’t replace us!”

Her fingers and toes yell, “Please we don’t want to be amputated! Let us stay!! We like to help you draw and dance!”

And of course her heart is pounding at the thought that it might be ruined by heart disease later in life.

Of course, in my mind, I know that these are just a few readings. That in between the HIGHS there are the good readings of 114, 102 and 136. I know that we have not let her Diabetes get “out of control” I know that we are pricking her finger before every meal. I know that we are adding, subtracting and dividing at EVERY meal. I know that we are taking a shot at EVERY MEAL!  That I am calling the nurse each day to check on Kaci. I know that I emailed all her numbers to the doctor’s office on Monday to get this under *better* control. We have increased her Lantus (night shot) to help make her base level insulin work better with her fast acting insulin. I know that I set my alarm for 2 and 4 to make sure that she is not going low because of this. 

I really miss REM sleep!

I also know that diet and insulin are not the only things that factor in to diabetes control.

I know you also have to think about HOW much you eat, what TIME you eat.

You have to think about how much EXERCISE you are getting....or not getting.

You have to think about your STRESS levels. When you are stressed hormones are released into the bloodstream in order to raise blood sugar levels to give more energy.

You also have to think about being SICK. When you are coming down with a cold or illness, the body produces hormones to help fight the illness.

These hormones can alter insulin production in the body making your blood sugar much higher or lower than usual.

You also have to think about PUBERTY! When kiddos are going through puberty the hormones that are working overtime in their bodies is also working overtime to resist the insulin they are taking.

Well....when I think about all of those things- Kaci’s HIGH reading should make so much more sense.

Her eating and sleeping schedules are COMPLETELY different from summer.
She is my little PERFECTIONIST and 5th grade is bringing on the pressure!
She has been working with a small cough, runny nose and itchy throat for about a week now. –
and well...let’s just say puberty is KNOCKING (very loudly) on the front door!!! 

All of these things accounted for- I still take the BLAME....

BLAME FOR WHAT, you ask?

Well – for the fact that her pancreas quit working in the first know I only breastfeed for 6 weeks. I am SURE if I would have breast feed longer her pancreas would be just FINE- NOT!?

Since I am the one that adds her meal carbs together and gives her most of her injections- I must be doing it wrong....NOT!

I should have noticed her sniffles and given her her allergy medicine 3 days ago instead of 2.....NOT!

I should be a BETTER pancreas.....but I am human and I am doing the best I can. 

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