My babies!

My babies!
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Sunday, November 4, 2012

World Diabetes Day Postcard Exchange!

We got busy today getting ready for our 2nd Annual World Diabetes Day Postcard Exchange!
To learn more about it- Click on the link below

 We each signed up for multiple postcard swaps this year. They were so much fun to receive last year!
 This one says ....Diabetics are naturally sweet! 
 And this one shows a bandage around the heart and a band-aid over the blue World Diabetes Day circle.
 I love the two postcards Bailey made. 
 He is hoping for a cure!
 Here is one of Kaci's.....and it is so true!
But...this last one has to be my favorite of all!
 "Diabetes Drives Me Batty!" 
Good one, Kaci!

Taken directly from the World Diabetes Postcard Exchange website.....

"Welcome to the home of the World Diabetes Day Postcard Exchange, an initiative to connect people affected by diabetes from around the world with each other during the month of November in celebration of World Diabetes Day and Diabetes Awareness Month. Participants in the Postcard Exchange send and receive handmade postcards with assigned Postcard Buddies. They create postcards using the blue circle, the international symbol of diabetes, in their design. The Postcard Exchange was created to promote healing through Creativity, Connection, and Activism"

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