My babies!

My babies!
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Monday, November 4, 2013

So- Clint is scheduled for surgery on Thursday at 7:30 am....Whoa!

First of all- why in the world does it have to be so early?
Not even mentioning the fact that the Oral Surgeons office is almost an hour away (with traffic) -

Regardless of that....TOO DAMN EARLY!

Then let's factor in how Clint has been feeling lately-
Well, for a lack of better word....
He has been feeling pretty much like DOG DOO!

If he is not at work feeling crummy - he is at home feeling crummy!
Fighting off headaches, foggy head, dizzy spells, hot flashes, cold flashes and night sweats. His Acid Reflux is back in FULL FORCE due to all the stress he is under as well- so indigestion, heart burn and frequent trips to the bathroom are all a part of his daily routine as well.

When will he feel better?
How much more work can he afford to miss?
Why does he have to feel so bad all of the time?
When will he feel better?
Will it really take a full year for him to recover from this Post Concussion Syndrome?
Is there something else we are missing?
When will he feel better?

There is a possibility that the infection in his chin is coming back.  He is scheduled to see the Plastic Surgeon tomorrow at 8:30 to get more information on that. I assume if it is infected - we will have to push back the surgery. The only other possible date that works is December 12th?

Is that too long to wait?
Is it too close to Christmas or will he feel better in time?

If he goes through with the surgery this week- will he be healed by Kaci's birthday and Thanksgiving?
It it okay for him to go under or will it make his headaches and groggy feelings worse?

Worry. Worry. Worry.
It is what I do best lately.

Will I be able to help him after the surgery?
When I talked to the nurse today as she described the after procedures- she used the word oozing and draining about 5 too many times. I got dizzy just talking to her about it. Will I be able to handle taking care of the after procedures? This nurse has dealt with a lot- but I am not sure that I am ready for more...

I just want Clint to be better.
I just want Clint to be better.

I just want Clint to be better.
Please, lord

The list of questions and worries goes on and on and on.............

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Anonymous said...

Always great to see such an active d-life family! I have a question about participating in diabetes awareness month, but can't find any contact info on the site. Please email me at mtucillo(at)recallcenter(dot)com when you have a moment. Thank you!