My babies!

My babies!
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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Almost a year in our new home!

Hard to believe that we are coming up on a year since we moved into our new home. I know we say it every year...but this year really did fly by. I was so nervous about this new move-
Would we be okay financially? Would the kids like their new school? Would we like the new neighbors?- the area? Well....thankfully the answer to all of those 
questions ended up being "YES!"

We were able to build the pool that Clint has always wanted and even buy a few new things for the interior and exterior of our home. The kids love their new schools and mom does too! The neighbors....well, we hit the jack pot there! I could not love our 
cul-de-sac anymore than I do! 
Love! Love! Love!

However, I never would have been able to imagine the rough patch that we had after we moved in...and quite honestly- if anything much more traumatic happens in the next year- we may have to put the FOR SALE sign up about 15 years sooner than we had hoped! 

Clint and Kaci's accidents still leave me in shock and if it is quiet and I am alone and think about those days.....I actually feel my body shudder from head to toe, I cringe and can get sick to my stomach.  The amount of Emergency room visits, Dr. appointments, prescription pick ups, plastic surgeries, x-rays, dental/oral surgeon visits, physical therapy appointments and hours of lost sleep.....still amaze me to this day! Clint is still not put back together and has to have a few more procedures before he can get his permenant implant. He says it has physically aged him 10 years....I think it has mentally aged me the same (or more).

Losing Chelsea is another hard memory that this house holds for me. So thankful for super neighbors and an awesome dad who helped me out on that awful day.

But despite all of the bad- there is still good. There is always good! Here are some recent pictures of our new home. It is no longer a house- but our HOME! 

I love this place and I couldn't be happier right where we are!

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