My babies!

My babies!
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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Duncan and Jack!

Who knew dog sitting could be so much fun?!

Kaci and Bailey had a blast last weekend watching the neighbors dogs while they were out of town for a wedding. Duncan and Jack are super cute and so much fun. 

They really have a super set up at their house too! They have a built in doggy door that leads to the dog run on the side of their house. So- Kaci and Bailey didn't have to feed, water or take them out to potty. They just had to take them for walks and play with them! How easy and fun is that??

 Jack was so sweet! He cries a "happy cry" the whole time you walk him. He is just so excited to be on his leash. Duncan is super sweet too. He could walk for hours!
 Here is a great shot of Bailey and Duncan.

Here is Jack and Kaci!
Thanks to Beth and Robert for letting the kids watch over your babies while you were gone. 
They are happy to do it anytime! 

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