My babies!

My babies!
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Thursday, April 2, 2015


She didn't ask for it.
She didn't want to be different.
She didn't want to be labeled.
She doesn't enjoy taking 7 shots a day, weighing her food and counting carbs on everything that goes in her mouth.
She doesn't enjoy poking her finger until she bleeds.
She doesn't eenjoy having labwork done every 3 months-
or carrying a medical bag with her everywhere she goes.
She doesn't like to get headaches or throw up from a high blood sugar-or feel so weak and dizzy that she might pass out from a low.
She didn't ask for Type 1 Diabetes.
She didn't want to be different.

He didn't ask for it.
He didn't want his sister to be different
He doesn't like to watch her poke her finger until she bleeds and take shots everyday
He doesn't like having to wait to ask a question until we have calculated Kaci's insulin after every meal.
He doesn't like to see her sick in bed when she is high- or dizzy and nauseous when she is low.
He didn't ask for it.
He didn't ask for a sister with Type 1 Diabetes.

We didn't ask for it.
We didn't want our baby girl to be different.
We didn't want her to be labeled.
We don't want to have to watch her poke her finger until she bleeds every time she wants to eat.
We don't want to have to give her shots or watch her cry when the doctor's draw labwork.
We certainly don't want her to see us cry when it gets overwhelming- so we hide behind our smile...always.
We don't want to be afraid when she is at school, or a friend's house (or anywhere where we are not) that she is going to go low and be unable to help herself and with people who don't know how to help her.
We don't want her to EVER feel like she can not do what others can do-
She is NOT limits.
She has NO boundaries

Type 1 Diabetes may make her different, but it DOES NOT make her less.

We will not allow YOU to judge or ridicule her
We will not let YOU put your fear on her.
WE will not allow YOU to define her by the things YOU think she can and can't do.
Diabetes may be a BIG part of her life but it is not ALL of her.

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