My babies!

My babies!
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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Pack 565....Can't Be Beat!!

Today, after Bailey's birthday party, we also had his Blue and Gold Ceremony for Boyscouts out at Reunion Ranch. What a beautiful location and a perfect day. I was afraid it was going to be dreary and chilly- but it ended up being absolutely perfect! The skies were clear and there was just enough breeze to keep us comfortable.
Kaci enjoyed the petting zoo and brushing this cute little pony (once she found the "correct" brush, right Kaci? lol!)
** On a side note**This is the last picture I took before I realized what was wrong with my camera. When changing the lense at Bailey's baseball practice the other day- I had switched a small button from Auto Focus to Manual focus! So mad at myself.....

The boys had a blast earning several new belt loops.
Mr. Randall was in charge of teaching the boys how to play Marbles....I am still clueless, but I know it is a game my mother played when she was little.

Just look at my handsome scout!

Clint and Kaci had a little fun with washers and horse shoes!

Bailey tried his hand at Ultimate Frisbee and even made a touchdown (is that what you call it in this sport?) Well, whatever you call it....he did it!!

Here he is catching the football right before he ran it in for a touchdown!! He has the grass stains on his jeans and the bruises on his shins to prove both of them.

After all this rough play- the boys had worked up an appetite and we went inside to enjoy some delicious Bar-B-Que~

It was really good!- with peach cobbler and ice cream for dessert.

Then we headed outside to the campfire.Bailey received his belt loop for "Table Tennis." Way to go! Here he is receiving his belt loop from Mr. Jason.

Here he is watching all of his buddies get their belt loop honors!

Bailey and Jake! Such cuties!

Den 3 (that's Bailey's Den) received their rank!

It was a great day with family and friends!

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