My babies!

My babies!
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Friday, June 22, 2012

"Let's get this Arty started!!"

 This past week the kids went to Art Camp with Mrs. St. John! It rocked! Mrs. St. John rocked! And their mosaic masterpiece that they brought home ROCKED! They made their very own, working- mosaic CLOCK ! How cool is that. 
 Camp was Monday- Thursday from 9-1 at Pump It Up. Each day they got to work on their mosaics (plus a few extra art things- pencil boxes, art t-shirts, sketch books!), then lunch, more art and bouncing on inflatables for the last hour! So cool! Here is a pic of Bailey sharing his sketch book and pencil box on the last day Art Parade!!
 Kaci checked her own sugar at lunch and even figured our her own insulin dosage. I just hung out at the Starbucks up the road and ran a few errands (it was too far for me to head home) and then I would "pop" back in about 11 for to check her calculations! The kids both LOVE Mrs. St John(she is the Art teacher at Kaci's old school- and Kaci attended her Art Camp just weeks before she was diagnosed with Diabetes in 2009)  Kaci has not been to a camp since she was diagnosed almost 3 years ago....but I trust Mrs. St. John and knew she would keep a close watch on my babies!
Best camp ever! 
We will certainly be back next summer!

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