My babies!

My babies!
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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Sea World!~

Nothing like a spur of the moment trip to Sea World. Amber and I decided 2 days before we headed out that we needed a little road trip! 
So- I'll leave a few of the boring details out....but after printing a few pay stubs and our teaching certificates online- we were set to go! We got our free teacher tickets and saved $10 on each of the kids tickets by purchasing online. Of course, my printer was out of ink- so with a little help from Laura-
 we were soon on our way!
Thank you, Laura- and your printer!
 The weather was perfect. A little cloud coverage here and there mixed with a bit of sun in between-
We didn't have to wait in any line longer than 5 minutes!
Bailey was super excited to get wet!
Here is the famous Shamu!
Amber, Kaci and Bailey sat in the splash zone- while I protected our phones and cameras up top! 
Yeah ME!
Loved the sea lion show!
Here we are checking them out backstage after the show.
Bailey and Kaci couldn't wait to help feed the sea lions lunch!
Here we are at the 4D Pirate show! Bailey was a little nervous, but finally agreed to go in. Lucky for him- due to technical difficulties...we never got to see the show! BOO :(
Feeding the ducks is always a good way to end the day! That and a little mexican food at La Hacienda! What a day! See you next year, Sea World!

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