My babies!

My babies!
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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Summer days!

 Nothing like hot summer days!
 The kids were dying to get the slip and slide out tonight. Bailey started running a fever out of the nowhere last night about 8- by 9 this morning, it was I gave in. Hope the fever doesn't creep back tonight and make me regret my decision!
 Here are the kids trying to coax Payton onto the slip and slide.
 She isn't so sure!
 Look at Kaci go! SPLASH!
 Payton likes it over here (near mommy's wine!) and away from the water!
 Oops! Payton got too close!
 Bailey made a SPLASH too!
 Payton thinks she is ready to go inside and lay with her "Squishy" toy. She is not so sure about this water stuff! LOL! I love summer days!

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