My babies!

My babies!
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Friday, October 19, 2012

JDRF Kids Walk and Special Guests!!

I had so much fun today at Kaci and Bailey's school presenting the JDRF Kids School Walk to Cure Diabetes! It was nice to only have to present 6 times at 50 minutes a piece. Seems like a long time to have to talk, but I had a little help from a video and two very special guests!

Kaci's PE teachers allowed both Kaci and Loren (another diabetic student at the school) to come to the gym for the last 10 minutes of every presentation! The kids got to ask them questions about what it is like to have diabetes, their pumps, shots and meters! I was so proud of these girls. They weren't shy at all - showed off all of their tools and everything in their diabetic kits and purses!
 Here are the 3 of us wearing our Say Boo to Diabetes Walk Team shirts. First, I wore Kaci's-
then I had to take a turn wearing Lorens~

I think it is so important for the students to see "real" kids that are affected by diabetes. Not only does it show them that they are no different than anyone else- it also let's the students know that it really is a disease that could affect (and does) affect them! I am so thankful to the wonderful PE coach for getting a schedule together for the girl's teachers and letting them come down to present through out the day. I know if it had been up to the principal- it never would have happened. She wouldn't even allow the girls to share their story at the School Walk 2 years ago in written form. She didn't think it would be fair to "highlight" the girls!! -Are you freakin' kidding me!!!?  Needless to say- I am not a fan....

Anyway-  I hope to be back on November 2nd to count all of the money that is raised. The school did a great job when the walk was held 2 years ago- raising close to $8,000!! Amazing!

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