My babies!

My babies!
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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Say Boo To Diabetes- 2013

Today we celebrated our 5th Annual
 " Say Boo to Diabetes Walk!"

 Hard to believe it had been 5 years since we were thrown into the new world of Type 1 Diabetes.

 This year we worked really hard to raise money
(every year it seems to get harder)

This was our 3rd year to sell team tshirts to help raise funds. This year we decided to come up with a really cool shirt design and really push the t-shirt sales. We raised $248- just in shirt sales! Not too shabby! We also sent out our annual postcard and created our very own JDRF collection meters online. 

 We started fundraising towards the end of July- and by walk day (October 27th)  Kaci had raised $1506 to help find a cure for T1D!

 I was nervous about the weather- since when I got up at 3 am to let the dogs out it was pouring buckets! Thankfully- by the time the alarm went off - the skies had cleared.

 I am thankful for everyone who made a donation to our team- no matter how small you think it is ....we think it is GRAND!

I am so thankful for all the friends and family we had show up at the walk to support Kaci-

I am thankful for all of the wonderful friends and familiar faces that I met up with at the walk - so that I am reminded that  we do not walk this walk alone.

I am thankful to all of my co-workers who wear Kaci's shirts throughout the month of October and the rest of the year to show their support and love! Nothing better than walking in to work and seeing so many beautiful people that I love supporting Kaci!
I am thankful for wonderful teachers and school nurses who allow me to have peace of mind when Kaci is at school.

 I am thankful for Kaci- she is brave, and kind and full of grace! She is my hero!

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