My babies!

My babies!
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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

I remembered to be grateful for all that we have!

It has been way too long since I have blogged.
It has been way too long to try and catch up....
You win some....
You lose some....
I think when I was posting on the site more often, I was winning!
Once I stopped posting- seems as though all hell broke lose-
It has been a busy couple of months-
Here is a brief summary-
Moved in the new house- May
*It is beautiful!
*We have great neighbors!
*I love this place!
Got the pool finished-June
*It is beautiful!
*Not too deep like I worried!
*The fountain is awesome!
Clint had a bad bike accident- August
*Suffered a concussion!
*Got stitches in his eyelid, under his eye and in his chin!
*Lost a tooth!
*He has made numerous trips to the ER!
*He has had plastic surgery for a secondary infection in his chin!
*Been to a plastic surgeon, family doctor, dentist, endodontist and an oral surgeon!
*Scheduled for a bone graft later this month and will have an implant sometime next year!
*Still suffering from headaches and dizziness!
Kaci broke her ankle when she fell off of her bike- September
*Broke her fibula and tibia!
*Shifted her growth plate!
*Wore a cast from her toes to her mid-thigh for 3 weeks and used a wheelchair!
*Wore a walking cast for a week and a half with crutches!
* Currently wearing a boot and goes for a follow up on Monday!
Bailey is having an AWESOME baseball season- October
*The Express took first place for the season and was UNDEFEATED!
*Start the play-offs tomorrow- single elimination. If they win tomorrow we go on to play Saturday at 1:00-- if they win that one they are in the Championship game at 1:30!!
Me....well....I fell apart and nothing was wrong with me.
*I took a 4 week leave from work!
*I felt guilty everyday that it was Clint and Kaci suffering and not me. (always seems those 2 get the short end of the stick!)
*I talked to lots of doctors, drove to lots of doctor appointments and when I was not feeling sorry for myself and my family....
I remembered to be grateful for all that we have!

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