My babies!

My babies!
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Monday, June 2, 2014

To puppy...or not to puppy...

That is the question!
Could she be any cuter? 

I think not. 

Nothing is more precious than a sleeping puppy. It is the "AWAKE" time that often proves more difficult! The teething, the digging, the biting, the pooping and the peeing.....

Are we ready for all of that? ...

Wait....who am I kidding....
Am I ready for all of that?

She is cute and everyone in the family will love her- but there will be ONE OF US who gets to love her the most and that will be ME! 

I will get to clean the messes, wake up in the night when she cries, potty train, feed, walk and take to her vet appointments. ACK! Luckily - she gets to come over for a visit today. Let's hope she is on her best behavior and that in just 2 short weeks she gets to come home with us for good. 

In the meantime...we need help with a name.
 Any suggestions?

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