My babies!

My babies!
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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Good Day Austin!

Here are a few things I learned this morning after our Good Day Austin interview (In no particular order)

* Kaci is AMAZING!

* I am thankful for a husband who knows I can't drive (or park) downtown.

*I sounded more intelligent than I thought I would (yeah me!)

* Kaci is AMAZING!
(did I already say this?)

* We LOVE JDRF and their 
full time commitment to a CURE!

*Bailey's smile can light up a room!

....and last but not least- T.V. can add 30+ pounds to an old mom body! LOL!

#Thankful  #Blessed (This old mom doesn't know how to use these hashtags things....but it sounds cute when you read it....hashtag thankful, hashtag blessed! LOL)

So much fun! Can't wait for the walk on Sunday!

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