My babies!

My babies!
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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Flag Football comes to an end!

Last flag football practice was tonight. Tournament is on Saturday. Bailey and the Titans had a 4-2 season--- and if they win their 4:00 game this weekend, they go on to the Super Bowl at 5. 

I am so proud of Bailey this season. He has grown a lot and shown a lot of improvement. He has made some really great passes and has been a really good quarterback for the team. I love flag football!  What I am not sure I love is "tackle" football! Oh. Dear. Lord. No. 

He has chosen to sign up to be on the 7th grade middle school team. I have always told him he could play flag until middle school- THEN- he could play tackle, because 7th grade always seemed so far away.... Um...,, but here we are....

I am not worried that he won't get playtime on the field- or that he may not make A Team. I'm not worried if they win or lose, or if he warms the bench more than others.

I am worried that he will get hurt. End of story! Please pray with me for a season filled with zero injuries and lots of self esteem boosting moments from his coaches, his teammates and even his crazy worrying mom! 

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