My babies!

My babies!
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Thursday, December 17, 2015

May your days be Merry & Bright!

For the last 3 years JDRF has sold a beautiful Christmas ornament to help raise money for their AMAZING organization! We always place them front and center on our large tree and they are often the first thing you see when you walk in our front door!  I just love them. Each of them was designed by a child with Type 1 Diabetes....makes them even more special, don't you think?


I purchased this reindeer ornament from Southern Living in 2011- a portion of the proceeds was donated to JDRF. It started my collection.

Usually...shortly after the One Walk- we start receiving emails with information on the "Walk Awards" date and location, as well as information on how to order this year's ornament. As of last week....I had not received information on either. 

With only a short time until Christmas...I feared that there was not going to be an ornament offered this year. My fear was correct. I left a message on the JDRF Austin Chapter Facebook page asking about it and was told....NO, boo hoo hoo....There will not be an ornament this year. I was, however, told to be on the lookout for a special package that would be arriving soon! 

Today when I checked the mailbox.....there is was! I could hardly wait to open it! EEEK! Look what was inside.

I have been looking online for weeks now at shirts very similar to this- in hopes of ordering one for Kaci. Thankfully- I had not ordered one yet. I LOVE THIS! Thank you, JDRF Austin!!

I can't lie and say I am not terribly disappointed about the ornaments. I have looked online...hoping to find something that I can purchase to remember this year by....something that donates to a JDRF Chapter.....any chapter....or any Diabetes Organization. So far, I have been unsuccessful. When I google ...JDRF Ornament or Diabetes Ornament.....I get a few leads, but they have ended up being pretty "cheesy"

So for now- I will sit back and enjoy the ornaments I have and cross my fingers for next year!

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