My babies!

My babies!
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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Why not learn to enjoy the little things...there are so many of them?

What a fabulous day to take a trip out to Sweet Berry Farms in Marble Falls! The weather was perfect! The kids loved seeing these Big Macs when we first got there. I bet you could make a few pies with one of these!

The first thing the kiddos wanted to do was go in the Kids Maze! Aunt Amber took on the challenge with them.

I took a picture of them - just in case they got lost while inside - so the rescue workers would be able to find them.

Luckily it only took them about 8 minutes to find their way to the bell and back!

Here is Sweet Kaci scarecrow! Love those braids!

I love this one of Mom and Dad. I think it should be their Christmas card picture!

This one is my favorite.....I am not sure that cute face would scare off any crows!

After pictures...we decided to check out the wildflowers and have a turn on the hayride. I love this picture of me and my babies!

The hayride was lots of fun! Kaci and Bailey were the first we were right next to the big tractor wheels. It was nice and breezy - so we got a little bit of hay and dust in our eyes....

But not Bailey! He was all good with my BIG shades on! I love this picture. He looks just like a fly.

The only thing prettier than all those wildflowers is Kaci!

The kids loved walking in the tunnel under the road to get to the other side of Sweet Berry Farms to meet Grandma Dee and PaPa for lunch!

And after lunch....pumpkin ice cream and a ride in the wheelbarrow, courtesy of PaPa!

It was a perfect day! Lots of good memories

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