My babies!

My babies!
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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Disney World!!!

Well, we finally made it back from our trip and it was a great one! I have been so busy getting back into routine, that I haven't had a chance to post anything about our trip to Disney World- but it is!!

Here are the kiddos at the airport. Clint decided to drop us off and then park our car so we didn't have to drag all of this baggage with us or load it onto an airport tram! Kaci already had her ears on. She was certainly ready!

We were gone for 6 days 7 nights and while we were at the parks we met and took pictures with every and any Disney character you can imagine! They are not all posted here....I didn't want to completely bore anyone! These are some of my favorites. The picture above is Clint and Bailey riding the airport tram in the Florida airport right after we arrived!

Here is Clint loading up our rental car at National. The kids loved the automatic sliding doors. They also named her X- FER~

Here is Bailey in our hotel room. We stayed at the Caribbean Beach Resort and had a pirate room. It was very cool!

Loved the Mickey Mouse pancakes. We estimated them to have about 60 carbs! (Let me tell you how much fun we had guessing at carbs for insulin......ugh....none at all!) Let's just say that I strongly suggest that Disney World post their nutrition information. It is super hard to guess carbs your whole trip! - but we didn't let that stop us from having a good time!

Here we are on day one waiting for our first bus to Hollywood Studios!This would be the first of many times that we would have to wait....but never really too long. This was the perfect time of year and it was night and day from the trips we have made in the summer.

Kaci and I blasted off with Buzz Lightyear!

And then Kaci and Bailey goofed off with Sully and Mike!

They got an autograph from Sorcerer Mickey and everyone else in the park! The autograph books really came in handy this trip.

Star Tours was the kids favorite ride this trip. It made me so sick- they had to go with Clint! Here they are on a speeder bike right outside of the ride.

This is a picture of us from our first night at Hollywood Studios The picture just doesn't do this beautiful street justice. The whole thing was lit up with Christmas lights and it was snowing! It was one of the coldest nights we were there! Perfect for snow and Christmas music!

Everyone who visits has to take a picture of Cinderella's Castle. This one looks just like a postcard.

It was Christmas everywhere we looked! I love this picture! (minus the random girl in the corner that would not move even though her and her parents saw I was trying to take a picture!) We meet a few people who left their manners at home.

I am not a fan of going in circles or spinning. So the kids did the teacups with Clint.

Bailey and I liked taking a break on this slow moving ride around the park!

Then Bailey took me for a drive on the race track! He even got his own driver's license!

This was my favorite ride of the whole trip! Buzz Lightyear!!

Here we are riding the classic Dumbo ride! The line was longer than the actual ride but you get to see the whole park which is pretty cool!

Here we are having dinner with Pooh and friends. The ids got to meet Pooh, Tigger, and Eeyore while we pigged out at the buffet. (too bad this buffet wasn't so good!)

This is one of my favorite pictures. We got to meet lots of characters at Animal Kingdom!

Chip and Dale!!

Kaci and I took a quick rest break on our nature walk.

My handsome boys wore matching shirts. That made me so happy!

Here are the crazy monkey and bear from Jungle Book! The little one loved Bailey!!

The safari ride was great! With the cool weather we got to see all of the animals close up! We saw elephants, giraffes, ostriches, lions and more...

On Friday night we bought tickets to A Very Merry Christmas at Hollywood Studios! It was so much fun! The kids had a blast at the Dance Parties located throughout the park. Here is Bailey dancing with Chip! They were doing the robot together! We got to see the special Christmas parade and enjoy free cocoa and cookies!

Here is Kaci line dancing with Woody!

We had breakfast with Minnie and friends on Saturday morning! This was the best buffet (and meal) we had the whole time we were there!) YUMMY!!

Here are all of "my loves" with Donald Duck!

While we were in Epcot we got to meet one of Mickey's newest friends, Duffy! You should be hearing about him soon on Disney channel.

Friday night we went to the Hoopty Do Revue show and dinner! It was so good! (I think it may even beat the buffet I was telling you about earlier!) Clint and I went to this show on our honeymoon. Fun to be able to take the kids back! It was all you can eat ribs, fried chicken, beans, mashed potatoes and strawberry shortcake! At the end of the show you get to play the washboard with the spoons! Beautiful music!

Love this picture of Kaci and Piglet. They match too!

Here is my favorite picture of Bailey with Jake - from Jake and the Never Land Pirates!

I found these Wookies in the gift shop!

We all looked great in 3-D glasses! This was an awesome trip! We had a super good time!

Loved this ride....Toy Story 3D!!

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