My babies!

My babies!
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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The countdown begins....

Is it summer yet? The kids and I can hardly wait! I am not like most moms- the moms that dread summer...I LOVE it! I love sleeping in. I love staying up late. I love the dollar movies. I love going to the pool! I love eating lunch out! I love trips to the beach. I love being with my kids ALL THE TIME! Even when they drive me crazy.
Today after school we decided to hit the backyard for some slippery, wet, watery fun!
The old slip and slide was in pretty good shape. That should save me a couple of dollars this summer.
Payton took her first dip in the baby pool. Let's just say- she wasn't impressed......and liked napping on the beach towels much, much more!

Chelsea usually loves the water, but she just wasn't feeling it today. She watched from the outer rim of the pool while Kaci got wet in the pool.

Here is Bailey.....just chillin'!
Here is a pictures of my babies from last summer...2011!

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Christina said...

I love the top slipnslide pic - really great job. - Im not sure I am even close to ready for summer to be here although I am so looking forward to not packing lunches.