My babies!

My babies!
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Monday, December 31, 2012

Year in Review 2012

If you follow the blog (or read occasionally) you have a pretty good idea of how our year went.
Here is a look at last year’s review

And if you have any interest in 2012’s review ....look no further!

Clint is still VP of Azuma Leasing. He works hard and long.....mostly too hard and too long. He is committed to doing the best and being the best he can for his employer. He often leaves before the sun comes up and returns as it is going down. He has been fighting several health issues this year- some that are here to stay- others that will hopefully leave as quick as they came. He has had more doctor's and lab appointments than I care to think about, and on his 39th birthday he had a biopsy on his kidneys. The results were scary- but continued appointments throughout the year have shown that there has not been further damage to his kidneys- although the damage done can not be reversed. He enjoyed another trip to Dallas this year, with a group of guy friends to attend UT vs. OU! The outcome was not what he had hoped for- but I think he still had fun....maybe! He continues to be an AWESOME dad and a SUPER husband. He and Bailey enjoy playing baseball together. While he and Kaci enjoyed going to their 4th annual Daddy Daughter Dance in March. They all love playing Star Wars on the PlayStation and wrestling until somebody gets hurt!
I love his guts!
Kaci is in 5th grade this year and is proud to serve as her Class President. She finished off her last year as a Girl Scout. She is an all A student and continues to thrive in TAG classes at school. She was on the cover of the Round Rock Leader in March- for her commitment to collecting donations for the Williamson County Humane Society with the help of her classmates. She continues to volunteer for the Austin JDRF Chapter and has stuffed over 6,000 school walk folders this year. She also walked in her 4th annual Say Boo To Diabetes Walk in October and raised just over $1,800.00! Way to go, Kaci’s Krushers! She loves to paint and attended art camp this summer and continues to paint canvases at home. I am so proud of the young lady she is becoming.
I love her guts!
Bailey is in the 3rd grade this year and also enjoys being in TAG. He is a straight A student and loves school and learning. He continues to enjoy being a member of Boy Scouts Pack 565 and made his Wolf Rank this year. He also continues to play for T&C baseball and finished first place in the regular season! Bailey is a boy that loves to help others. This year – when his school had a drive to collect soda tabs for the Ronald McDonald house- he turned in just over 4,000 tabs! I am so proud of him. He is a super funny boy and is full of “fun-facts!” He had fun dressing up as Waluigi this year for Halloween! I loved seeing him in the mustache. He is currently attending Religious Education classes to receive his First Communion in May of 2013. Papa takes him to class every Monday and then they enjoy eating dinner together afterwards.
 I love his guts!
I am still working at Grace Preschool in Georgetown. This year I am teaching 4 days a week, Monday- Thursday from 8:30-1:30. Perfect hours! I can still drop the kids off and swing through Starbucks before work starts! I have a class full of wonderful kiddos that I love!! I continue to volunteer for JDRF’s Austin Chapter and stuff folders and present for the Kids School Walk program. I am Kaci and Bailey’s biggest fan! I was thrilled this year to get to meet in person and have dinner with Kerri Sparling! She is a member of the Diabetic Online Community and the author of the blog, Six Until Me! It was almost as good as meeting Justin Bieber! Yes, I still love Justin Bieber! Did you hear that he and Selena Gomez split? I think there may still be a chance for me and him! NOT! I realized this year- just how little sleep I need to function. If I am not up checking blood sugars, letting the dogs out to potty or just playing Words With Friends on my phone- I sometimes catch some uninterrupted Z’s!
As a family we continue to enjoy playing board games together, going out to eat and watching movies! In August we enjoyed a trip to Boston- It was a business trip for Clint- that we extended to enjoy the city! We enjoyed seeing the Basketball Hall of Fame and eating some super yummy pizza! We had a great day at a Boston Redsox game drinking beer and snow cones while eating popcorn and peanuts, We explored every tank at the Boston Aquarium and learned lots of history on the Boston Walking Tours. We enjoyed some delicious seafood and I ate more than my share of sausage!! It was a trip that almost didn’t happen- and if I told you all the things that went wrong before, during and after our trip- you would never believe me. But....when life hands the Borchgartdt’s lemons....we try to make lemonade! Clint and I celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary in San Antonio at the horse races. I have never had so much fun while doing something I am totally clueless about! lol!
We are ready for the next 14 years!- and just so you know, according to Clint- the next 14 years do not include a new baby....much to my dismay!

This last week of the year - has found both of the kids sick - Bailey with tested negative for the flu but did not escape bronchitis and a sinus infection. He was put on antibiotics, an inhaler, sudafed and afrin! He has been taking Motrin to fight a fever for 8 days- Kaci was tested for strep and the flu. Both came back negative, but the doctor put her on antibiotics sudafed and afrin as well. She has been drinking Motrin like it is going out of style to fight her fever. Clint has been battling a sour stomach and some unexplained body aches. I have been washing sheets, and disinfecting EVERYTHING! Hopefully - we are leaving the sickness in 2012-
So- Here we go ....Marching into 2013!

 Ready or not....


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