My babies!

My babies!
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Thursday, July 3, 2014


Well- Miss June is still hanging around.  Clint caught her swimming in the dog's water bowl outside yesterday morning. Of course, I had to run outside to get a few pictures!

Well- you will never guess what I find this morning....
June was in the water bowl relaxing with another frog! So funny! I screamed and then almost died laughing. 

Miss June squats in the water ( pretty much like she is just sitting)- but the frog dangles his legs out long underneath himself in the water!  I am pretty sure they were on their first date.

The frog is much more skittish than June and hopped out and far away before I could get to my camera! I am going to try and catch them again in the morning!

They reminded me of Mamma June and Sugar Bear from Honey Boo Boo! Stay tuned for more pictures......

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