My babies!

My babies!
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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Keep Calm * It's Almost Halloween!

 One of our favorite Halloween traditions is decorating a Halloween gingerbread house!
Look at all those cool decorations and all that yummy icing!
This year- Alicyn got to join in on the fun since her and Kaci were having a sleepover!
They all did such a great job! 
I wanted to make one myself this year---
but good thing I didn't.
 Mine would not have looked half as good as any of theirs!
They must have worked for at least an hour making them just right!
Love my babies!
Here is one of my favorite sides of Kaci's. 
She made the back of the house a huge spider web. 
So creative and cute!
 I love Bailey's ghost and the googly eyes on the side of his house.
Here are all 3 of the Halloween houses complete. 
From right to left-
Alicyn-- Bailey-- Kaci

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