My babies!

My babies!
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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Say Boo to Diabetes....2014!

Walk day is finally here and what a great day it was!! This was our 6th annual "Say Boo to Diabetes Walk" ... and I might even stick out my neck and say- this was the best walk day ever!! 

Of course, we missed Grandma Dee and PaPa- but we know that they were together enjoying a quick trip to New Orleans- eating at Cafe Du Monde, Emeril's, &Mothers, touring churches, gambling and attending the Packers and Saints football game! We know that their hearts were with us this morning! 

There were a few other family and friends that we thought were going to join us- but at the last minute had a change in plans. We understand- but hope that they might consider walking with us next year in our 7th annual! It really is the support of family and friends that makes the day so special.

To everyone who donated to Kaci's Ford Race Car, bought candy bars, Jamberries or 31 products...THANK YOU!

To everyone who bought a t-shirt or added money to our meter....THANK YOU

Our team total this year was $3, 902.82! 

That is the most we have ever raised!! 
That puts our total dollar amount raised for JDRF over the last 6 years at just over $16,000.00!

We entered our t-shirt into the t-shirt contest as soon as we arrived. It sure would be cool to get a phone call saying we got the most votes! Stay tuned.....Go #6!

For those of you who did join us-- Well, THANK YOU does not seem like a big enough thing to say! It is hard to describe to you how much it means to me (Clint, Bailey and Kaci too) to have you there supporting us. Although we have meet so many people, and had so many wonderful experiences that we would have never had if it weren't for Type 1 Diabetes- I must also tell you that some days it feels like a "club" I wish we were never a part of. 

There were many times today when I fought back tears and got that awful lump in my throat- watching somebody sit down to drink a juice box, listening to Vicki cheer on the microphone calling out team names, or just standing in the middle of it all and looking around at all of the people. Sometimes Diabetes can make you feel alone- but today we could truly see we are one of many.

This was the first year that JDRF had team tents for each team that raised $1000.00 or more! I must say- I think it was an awesome idea. We really enjoyed having it for the day. It provided shade and a great meet up spot for everyone. We didn't think of it until afterwards- but Kaci is working on having everyone who attended the walk write their name on her team sign so we can always remember!

The weather was nice! A little warm for October- but not drizzly and humid like last year. My phone said it was 73, but I'm not so sure about that- except maybe in the shade. A little sweat never hurt anyone and the breeze that came every once in a while made it bearable.

Of course, we always love the Boo Buddy signs! This year each team had to raise $500 or more to earn their own sign along the walk trail. Of course- Kaci is the shining star of the day- but she never minds sharing the spotlight with Bailey. Kaci worked very hard on making the J-D-R-F letters that they are holding. This just might be one of my favorite "Boo Buddy" signs yet

I have said it once and I will say it again...

"We will never lose hope that a cure will be found."

Thank you for believing that with us 
and helping to support us until it happens!

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