My babies!

My babies!
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Sunday, December 13, 2009

"Differences challenge assumptions."

So...remember the JDRF Boo Walk to Cure Diabetes back on October 31st??- Well, we had a great time at this event and Kaci's Team- "The Honey, Rufus and Kaci Team" raised $1,575.00!!

We thought the whole experience couldn't be topped until we went the the JDRF BOO AWARDS today at the Hyatt Regency Hotel. What a great awards show and get together these wonderful ladies put together. When we arrived at the hotel we went straight up the escalator to the Texas Room where we found our name badges and got ready to go inside. As we were having our names checked off the list- one of the ladies noticed Kaci had a little friend crawling on her shoulder- it was a ladybug! (for those of you who have read my August 3rd entry- you know how special this was to us!) WOW! What are the chances? I wanted to bring it home with us to be our pet- but after crawling on my finger for just a second it decided to fly up to the ceiling. I think it's job was done- it had brought Kaci good luck!!

We found a table, got some snacks and a drink and the awards began!

Kaci was called to the stage with all of the other children who have Type 1 Diabetes and was given a very special "giving band" bracelet! (Hmmmm....notice the poster on the podium?? It sure does look familiar!)

Then she was called to the stage to receive an award for her fundraising efforts in raising over $1,000.00 for research. This was a really pretty crystal award!

Bailey and Clint had lots of fun watching the big screen tv together.

Me and Kaci enjoyed it too!

Next Bailey was called to the stage to receive the "Helping Hand Award." This award was given to all of the children who have brothers or sisters with Type 1 Diabetes. He was given a very special bracelet to wear as well. He was so excited!! I thought it was wonderful that they recognized these children in this way.

Last, but not least, Kaci was given an award for her poster entry! She won FIRST place and her poster was located on the front podium the whole entire award ceremony! At last- she got her poster back! I had to twist her arm to leave it on walk day to be judged- and it is a good thing she decided to leave it!! Bailey is holding the awesome "sneaker" award she received for this accomplishement! It was a great day!!

On our way out- we had to stop and check out these cool Ginger bread houses. There was one made to look like the UT tower and one to look like the hotel.
My favorite was the Capital!

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