My babies!

My babies!
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Saturday, May 14, 2011

DBlog Day 6: Saturday Snapshots

In no particular order.... These are a few pictures that remind me of Type 1-

Before Kaci was diagnosed.....I love this picture!

Kaci's entry into the Ford Motorcraft Race Car Contest. Go vote for her car to win!

Stuffing School Walk folders for JDRF!

Field Day 2010- I remember being so nervous about her blood sugar on this day and following her around with her Diabetic Bag. I love this picture!

Our first Say Boo to Diabetes Walk, October 2009.

December 2009- We wrote out in coins how long Kaci had been diagnosed with Type 1. It had been half a year at this time. Sent the coins in to JDRF.

The first Halloween after she was diagnosed. She was Hannah Montana!

Kaci and Bailey at the Boo Walk 2010.

Kaci at Painting with a Twist- painting butterfly canvases for the Hope Ball 2011. Wonder who scored these in the auction? Hope they brought in lots of money- because they are PRICELE$$!

Kaci and Bailey on the morning of their schools Kids School Walk to Cure Diabetes.

Boo Awards 2010 with Miss Amy Hyman .

Kaci missing the first day of 3rd grade due to Low Blood Sugar.

Trip to the beach just 2 weeks after being diagnosed. We almost cancelled the trip but the doctor insisted that we go.

More School Walk folders.

Kaci's 8th birthday (her first birthday since diagnosis)~! Notice the insulin pen in my hand. This was right after birthday cake!

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