My babies!

My babies!
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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Shut Up, Stupid People!

Got to school a little early today to check Kaci's blood sugar. We increased her lunch insulin due to several very high after lunch readings in the past week. I wanted to make sure that we did not increase it too much-- thus causing a low.

She was invited to stay after school today for a Karaoke Party with 6 of her friends (in a classroom with a teacher that was not her own) So - needless to say, I wanted to make sure her blood sugar was alright- since this teacher is clueless as to her needs.

When I arrived at 2:30- she was drinking a juice box. Her teacher told me that she has just checked her blood sugar and it was 74. We waited 15 minutes and re-checked and it was down to 56. more juice box and a handful of pretzels later- it was up to 84. (Kaci then remembered that she did not eat her chips at lunch, but forgot to tell Mrs. Scott- so she got 2 extra units of insulin for food she did not eat) ACK!

I didn't want her to miss the party so I sent her over and spoke to the teacher. I told her about the episode and asked her to please have Kaci recheck her sugar at 3:00, gave her my cell number and headed down to the Book Fair with Bailey to kill some time until the party was over at 3:30.

But, because I was a nervous wreck...I headed back up to the room about 3:15 just to check on her. When I popped in and looked at her meter- she had not re-checked! FURIOUS!

So, when I called her over to check- another teacher in the classroom says to me, " For real Mom? Your going to ruin her time?" I wanted to spit in her face.

Instead I replied, "Yes, for real! I asked Mrs. Allen to have her check it and she didn't. Yes...diabetes sucks and disrupts a lot of things."

What I wanted to say was, "SHUT UP you STUPID COW! Go suck on some more helium! You are an IDIOT who knows nothing about what we go through everyday! How dare you say what you just said to me!!"

I wish stupid people would just shut the hell up!

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Tizita - look it up said...

It is sad that a few of our public educators are so stupid. I never fault people for not understanding diabetes. I sure as heck didn't understand Type 1 was my first was diagnosed. However, the stupid comment is somewhat unforgivable even if the idiot teacher didn't mean anything bad by it. Im sure she thought it would be funny not realizing the thoughts she was possibly putting in your daughters head when she said it. All we can really do is try to educate the idiots out there and hope for a cure and understanding. My daughters teacher thinks it is "ok" to make jokes about having my daughter answer the phone when the clinic calls the classroom because "it's always for Amber and her diabetes anyway." Just because the teacher says it with a giggle and smile doesn't make my daughter feel less embarassed, angry or sad. Ignorance is excusable - stupidity is not. Sorry you had to deal with that.