My babies!

My babies!
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Monday, May 9, 2011

We love Mr. Ray!!!

If you shop at the H.E.B. off of 1431 and Parmer- there is a good chance you know Mr. Ray! He is the sweetest, most kind man I know. He is sacker and helps with carry out. He is always wearing his brown sun hat and his best smile! He refuses to let you carry out your own groceries, insists that you put the kids in the car and start the air (or heat) to cool (or warm) them up, and always gives me a hug goodbye! He will refuse every *tip* I offer to give him- insisting that it is his job to help and he already gets a paycheck. I have filled out more compliment cards on Mr. Ray than I can count.

We have known Mr. Ray since Bailey was about 3 years old. I have always called him Mr. Ray. Bailey used to call him the "H.E.B. Cowboy" when he was younger. So cute! Now- he and Kaci both call him Mr. Ray!

Well, I haven't seen Mr. Ray in a while. Mostly- I thought- because I haven't been doing my shopping in the morning. Mr. Ray works the morning shift and is usually gone by 1 or 2. A few days ago - I ran in to H.E.B. to grab a few things and saw a sign at the door that read ;

" We are making a scrapbook for Mr. Ray. Please bring your 12 x 12 decorated page to Ashley at the Service Desk no later than May 27th"

I thought 2 things......Mr. Ray is retiring or Mr. Ray is sick. I was hoping for neither, but really didn't want to hear that Mr. Ray was sick.

When I checked out I asked the girl at the counter if he was OK. She said that he was, but that he has had surgery. She said he was dying to get back to work, but had to wait for the doctor to say it was OK. She didn't say what kind of surgery- so I didn't pry. I was just glad to hear that he was OK and would be returning soon. Kaci and I went that afternoon to Michaels to buy what we needed to make our scrapbook page.

I had a big grocery list and some free time this morning, so I headed up to H.E.B. I was ready to turn in my scrapbook page too~ It had turned out cute and simple. Kaci had picked out a "Woody" sticker to put on the page. If you know Mr. Ray- he looks a little like Woody. He is tall and thin and his hat is very similar. He has a few years on Woody- but I am sure he was just as handsome in his younger days! As I was walking in the door- I hear, " Well, good morning!" When I turned around....I couldn't believe it was MR. RAY!!! So excited to see him sweeping under the plants outside I ran up to him and gave him a big hug (while successfully hiding his scrapbook page) I told him how much we had missed him and that I was so glad that he was back! He said he was glad to be back to and had his wonderful smile on!! I went straight to the Service Desk and turned my page in. I told the girl how much we loved Mr. Ray and she said there are so many people who do. Turns out Mr. Ray had a triple by-pass surgery!! WOW! I was amazed! He had been out of work for about 2 months and has been put back on light duty and is only working 6 hours a day (doesn't sound very light to me) So glad that he is back and healthy! If you know Mr. Ray- please take the time to make him a 12 x 12 scrapbook page by May 27th and turn it in to Ashley at the Service Desk! He so deserves this special treat!


michelle said...

I had seen the sign but didn't know Mr. Ray. Now the mystery is solved. I am glad to know he has such a fan base. You are always thinking of others.

Walker Family said...

Very cool!

Ene said...

I have known "Mr Ray" for many years, and he is a good man., and glad to hear he is doing well.
But you dear, go out of your way, to make people feel special,you have such compassion for others. I am glad to know you!!!