My babies!

My babies!
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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Camp Bluebonnet

Camp Bluebonnet 2011

So today we had Bluebonnet Camp (aka Diabetic Camp) Everyone had been telling me since Kaci was diagnosed how great it is. How wonderful it is to be at a camp where everyone is like Kaci- where diabetes is the norm. Siblings are also allowed (even the ones without diabetes)

Well, if you know me- you know I am not fond of leaving my kids anywhere alone without me. Even before Diabetes came knocking on our door. I don't like my kiddos to be far from me....

What if they fall and get hurt?

What if they are served a snack or drink that they don't like?

What if they don't have any fun?

What if they don't make friends?

What if they feel left out?

What if the person in charge is not all that nice, or smart, or careful or cautious?

And the list of "what ifs" goes on and on and on....

So- Kaci will have had diabetes for 2 years on July 28- So, the first year...we missed Camp Bluebonnet because it had already happened. Last year I didn't sign them up because I thought you had to take them and drop them off from 8:30-3:30. NO way!

I didn't know you were allowed to stay.

Well, this year I was determined to take them once I found out I was allowed to stay and walk around amongst the groups. So- I signed them both up. Marked it on our calendar and we have been counting down the days.

I was nervous about the drive to Killeen - if you know me, you know I have no sense of direction! Clint was not able to take off of I talked Amber into going with me (at least the first day until I could get my bearings) We woke up at 6:15 and were ready to leave the house by 7- Amber surprised the kids with a chicken biscuit from Chick Fil A and me a Starbucks!! YUM! So we hit the road about 7. It was a really nice drive. No traffic and only 3 turns to the Peaceable Kingdom.

When we arrived we were greeted by a parking Nazi! An older man who almost threw his arm out of socket making some sort of motion at me and could not have had a grumpier look on his face unless he was Oscar The Grouch! At first I thought he was telling me to stop my car because he thought I was going to hit him.(He was standing next to a truck window that was pulled off to the side talking to the driver) Then I realized he was telling me I needed to turn in perpendicular to the road and park my car. I was so flustered by his irate face and hand motions- but Amber helped me figure out what he was trying to say. So I backed up and squeezed in between 2 cedar trees as I could hear the branches scratching the side of my car. Ah....we were here and first impression was ....well, Oscar the Grouch.

Headed up to the entrance to sign in. Stopped at station 1 to sign the kids in. They sent me to station 3 to get the kids t-shirts- I was told I was on the wrong side of the table by one lady- so moved to the other side of the table to get my shirt- then I was told my a man I needed to be on the other side. Then proceeded to listen to the man and women argue over which side the line needed to form on....fact was- there was no line at this point- it was just me and my kids! Just give me a damn shirt!!! Then I was chased down by ladies at table 2 who said I had not gotten my wristband. Got my wristband ....dropped the kids lunches in the correct grade level bins so they could be refrigerated and moved on to the next station. Here I was greeted by a few familiar faces ....NICE! We had to check Kaci's sugar for her morning log and anyone who is over 250 has to be tested for ketones. Well, considering we had jut had breakfast (insulin less than an hour before)- of course she was going to be high...this is peak time baby! She was 320- so, off to the bathroom we went to test for ketones.

As we rounded the corner we found the bathroom rather quickly. There was a line coming out of the building full of people holding their little test strip. Wait, wait, wait...only 2 stalls in the bathroom. Test and we are negative for ketones.....UGH! Headed back to table 5 to show them she was negative where we were told to get used to it. It was going to happen every morning. I am already a little uptight at this point....and the tone in which I was told to "get used to it" didn't really sit well with me.

We headed around the corner to meet our group leader and sat on the hill listening to music while a few of the Peaceable Kingdom Counselors tried to get the kiddos to dance. OK - I thought....we are killing time while the rest of the campers test for ketones! Things were looking up.

The kiddos soon broke off into their groups and headed for their first activity. I decided to follow Kaci's group and told Bailey I would meet up with him later. Followed Kaci's group up the hill.Never once did her camp counselor have the children share their names or interests or anything about themselves. There first stop was snack. A little cart came around and they had milk and cheese crackers. I thought- now this is a perfect time for the group leader to have the sit and enjoy their snack while sharing a little about themselves. Instead- They sat and ate crackers....a few of the kids seemed to know each other and talked, the rest of the kids sat by themselves and ate their snack(Kaci didn't have one - I don't think she wanted a shot) and the Group Leader sat off to the side not paying them any attention or even talking to them.

Their second stop was arts and crafts. Bailey's group was leaving arts and crafts and was headed to the pool- I left Kaci and met up with Bailey. Swimming was fun. I think he had a good time. I bought the kids new goggles for camp in case they got lost. I didn't want them to lose their good ones. Turns out - the ones I bought sucked and leaked water. I promised he could bring his good ones from home the rest of the week. I told him I was sorry and he said," That's ok mom. Let's just bring my good ones tomorrow. I am pretty responsible!" So cute! He had a good time.

Before long I saw Kaci's group walk by. They were headed to the water slide. I decided to follow. When we arrived we were greeted by a camp volunteer who said they were not working. The electricity was not working and they could not get them inflated. Kaci's group stood on the path for about 20 minutes and basically did nothing. I talked to one of the ladies on the med staff and asked if they check their blood sugar before they swim. She assured me they always did- as so many kids can bottom out their blood sugars while swimming.

Finally Kaci's group leader decided they would head to the pool. The med staff helped the kids who wore pumps bag them up in ziplocs before they entered the pool and Kaci's group leader sat in a chair with her head back and eyes closed. (granted there were just took me by surprise) Not one child had their blood sugar checked before they entered the pool. I asked them to check Kaci's. Her goggles leaked too.....UGH! Amber and I sat on the side and watched the kids play. About 15 minutes in to pool time I asked Kaci if she was having fun. She said, "No...not really" It was only 11:20.

At this point I was a little frustrated. I felt like I was a member of a club I didn't really want to be a part of. Everyone always says how great it is to be around other parents or T1D and kids with T1- great to feel the same as everyone around you. Something about being here just made me feel worse. I know it sounds stupid and strange and I can't explain it...but I didn't like it.

Bailey was having lunch at 11:30- so I left the pool to meet up with him. Before long- it was time for Kaci's group to have lunch. Kissed Bailey goodbye- he was headed to Camp Cup (whatever that was) I sat and had lunch with Kaci. As lunch was nearing the end....Kaci's Group Leader told the kids to take their carb count to the med ladies on the couch. -Had I not been looking at her when she said it- I would have never heard her. I don't think any of the kids did. ( I have to assume that she was assuming they all knew what to do already- we didn't, this was out first time) We took Kaci's numbers to the medic who figured her insulin and wrote it on our log sheet. I had been told that all shots had to be given in the infirmary. I asked her if they all went to the infirmary together for their shot and she said - "Oh no- we don't have to do that anymore. You just need to go and find the medic in charge of shots." Oh- ok....who is that? She then proceeded to say a name I can not pronounce and told me just go and look for her. For real? Thankfully we found her. I hope that had I not been with Kaci the medic staff would have taken her to the "shot lady" and not had her try to find her own her own. Grrrrr......

After lunch - Kaci's group played a fun relay game where you had to put a very wet t-shirt on then run down to the baseball bat and spin around it twice. This was the first time I saw a really big smile on her face.

Next I went with Kaci to listen to the speaker of the day...Robin Cox, Sea World Trainer. VERY INTERESTING and VERY REWARDING. (Bailey's group was heading out just as we arrived.)It is always nice to hear about people who overcome some type of difficulty in life to make their dream a reality. Even nicer when that "something" is also the same "something" that you or someone you love has to deal with in their life. It was cool in the theatre and great fun listening to her story and watching the prepared video.

Afterward the kids had "free" snack! YUMMY- Baggies of cheese, baggies of ham and baggies of pickles! Yummy - Kaci was in heaven!~

Next Kaci went to Ed. School and I went to Putt-Putt golf with Bailey's group! This was Bailey's favorite part of the day. Lots of fun for everyone.

Here is Bailey's group of kiddos!

With only about 45 minutes left - both Kaci and Bailey's group headed back to the theatre building and stayed cool with air hockey, Foosball and other indoor games. It was a little crowded, but they made the best of it. I sighned the kids out- they got a popsicle and we headed to the car.

This is when the real fun would begin.....Wait for it...

Wait for it...

Wait for it....

I backed into a Mercedes~ Yup! You heard me right! Ah...what luck!

Left a note with my insurance information, called the insurance company when I got home and let it go.

For those of you who know know it is very hard for me to let things like this go.....

But- it was an accident...and an accident is just that...something you didn't mean to happen. Something you didn't want to happen and usually something you could change if you could. Well, I certainly couldn't change it go...

Fortunately, there was NO damage to my car and very little to the other.

So, overall, it was a good day. Not a great day or a fabulous day. It was just good. Maybe my expectations were too high. Maybe I was so uptight about diabetes that I didn't get to enjoy it. Maybe it was because---I didn't know it until the next day- but I had the beginning signs of the FLU! UGH!

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