My babies!

My babies!
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Friday, June 3, 2011

Catch and release program!

For all of my friends out there who are fans of the "Catch and Release Turtle Program" I want you to know....we did it! We finally released Crush back to the wild! It was a hard decision- but we finally all agreed it was best for him.

Crush has been in our family since Kaci was 3 years old. Some of my sister's students found him in the p0nd by the school and he became her class pet. Well, when summer rolled around she asked if Kaci would like to keep him at our house until the following school year. Of course she did! She named him, Crush- I think we had just recently seen the movie, NEMO! When the summer was over and it was time for him to go back to school with Aunt Amber- Kaci refused to give him back!

At the time we got him, he was about the size of a half dollar. Over the next 6 years he grew to be larger than the palm of my hand and he outgrew several aquariums. We think over time he began to get lonely. He didn't have much room to swim and he didn't have anyone to be friends with - other than us! So- we decided to let him go back to the wild and what better place to let him go than with family. We drove him to Alto, Texas and let him go on my Uncle Bubba and Auntie's Cattle Ranch.

We all gave him a kiss goodbye and the kids picked the perfect pond to let him go in...the one right behind the guest house!

He liked the feel of the cool red dirt underneath his feet and it didn't take him long to find his way to the water.

He is going to be so happy in Alto! The pond is full of turtles and we just know he will be happy there. Kaci says he is probably already "hitting on a girl!" lol

Bye Crush! We love you!

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