My babies!

My babies!
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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Kid Kaster in our future??

Just got done nominating Bailey to be a "Zack Kid Kaster" on Fox 7 news! How cool would that be? I think he has the perfect personality for it. Below is the brief email I sent in about him as well as the picture I attached. I thought it showed his great personality!

I am writing this email to nominate my son, Bailey Borchgardt as a "Kid Kaster"! He is 7 years old and will be entering the 2nd grade next year. He is extremely outgoing and is known by his peers for his over the top facial expressions and excited eyes!! He enjoys baseball, football and video games. He is also a boyscout and loves it. He is currently on a summer bowling league. He would love the opportunity to help Zack out with the weather.

Thank you for considering him!
Andrea & Bailey Borchgardt

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