My babies!

My babies!
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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Sugar Hill Ranch

Well, it has been a few too many years since we have visited Auntie and Uncle Bubba in Alto, Texas- but we finally did it this summer. We coordinated a few days that worked fro everybody and made our way to the farm! So much to do and so little time....

We made it into Nacogdoches to the Cotton Patch for a great supper!

Just look at all those smiling faces! The Borchgardt Dinner Curse didn't follow us here!!

We got up bright and early to go and watch the cowboys round up the cows! Look at them peeking through the fence at us!

Look at those bulls strutting their stuff~ Too bad they are "blank shooters" They might make better burgers!

We watchted the cows get loaded on the trailer and they watched us too!

Clint and Dad were taking a good look to see what their burger will look like in a few weeks at Fuddruckers! LOL!

Uncle Bubba even let us ride all over the place in the Kubotas! FUN!

We got to play with Dolly! Here she is taking a rest in the shade.

4- wheelin' anyone??

We had a great time on the farm. Thank you Auntie and Bubba! We love you and hope to be back soon!

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