My babies!

My babies!
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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Being low sucks!

When you see this on the meter screen - the manual says your blood sugar is less than 20! WTF!? Are you kidding me? I had Kaci down a 25 carb juice box before I could even get a new test strip in to retest and see if this was a true reading or an error (sometimes you love electronics and sometimes you hate them!) Turns out - when I rechecked her about 45 seconds later- the meter read 214- Oops! Guess it was an error- could have been due to a bad test strip, a bent strip, water on Kaci's hands....who knows! But this was a crappy way to start off our first reading when we arrived to the beach.

Something about water play really bottoms Kaci out. A little time at the beach and we are below 70 (or super close to it) and ready for some juice and snacks at all times!

Here's another low! 15 carbs of juice and 15 carbs of pretzels.....

Wait about 15 minutes....recheck and then she was lower than when we started! YIKES!

Another 15 carbs of juice and another bag of pretzels....WOW~

Not a good way to start the day! UGH- Quick juice box and on the elevator ASAP to get some waffles with plenty of syrup!

And one more low later that day....hope this is the end of the lows, since it is the end of our vacation!

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