My babies!

My babies!
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Sunday, July 24, 2011


Just finished making up 12 poster board signs for PACK 565- to help with their annual popcorn fundraising sales! Can't wait to get our "Popcorn On!"

Of course, Kaci was ready to help! She is such a good volunteer!

Bailey will be selling popcorn in just a few weeks. For 4 weeks popcorn will only be sold at various "on site" locations. As soon as we find out where our location will be - we will let you know. We will also be happy to bring one to you! The second 4 weeks, Bailey will be able to go door to door and make phone call sales to anyone who is still in need of filling their "popcorn fix" Listed below are some of the delicious popcorn flavors you will be able to purchase.

White cheddar, cheddar, classic caramel, toffee caramel, caramel corn with nuts, and microwave- light, unbelievable butter and even kettle corn! YUM! Let us know how we can help you get your popcorn fix!!

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