My babies!

My babies!
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Monday, July 11, 2011

Broken Perfect

I’m sure that at sometime in your life you have tried to fix something that was broken; a plate, a glass a trophy. You try to put the pieces back together (which may be a challenge depending on how bad it was broken and how many small pieces it was turned into) then apply glue or a similar material to hold them into one piece again. Usually, you can still see that the object was broken. Maybe you can see the marks or notice that it is not quite exactly how it used to be. Even if you made an awesome job and there are no visible signs, you know that the object is more fragile now. It may break again easier than before. But if you took them time to glue it back is because it is worth it. It is valuable...even if to nobody is valuable to YOU! Once you have it all glued back together and it is dry- you can display it back on your trophy shelf...or drink your favorite hot cocoa out of it in the winter. It is "broken perfect!"

Well Kaci had her Dr. appointment today. Her A1C1 has gone up since last visit. Certainly doesn't make me feel good since I feel like I AM HER PANCREAS!!

Makes me feel like Michael Keaton in the movie Mr. of my favorite scenes is when he is picking the kids up from school and he is going the wrong way in the pick up line. The not so sweet crossing guard mom leans over in his window and says , "Hello Jack! I'm Annette.Your doing it wrong!" That about sums up the way I felt when I saw that A1C1 number.....Just like Mr.Mom! I am doing it wrong!!!

I am doing my best- poking, adding, subtracting, dividing and giving in the end...not getting the result I want. Not the result Kaci needs. UGH! Of course, Dr. Scott reassures me that it is OK. That we are in the beginning stages of puberty and things can get a little out of whack.

Kaci's blood work also found her to be lacking in vitamin D- so we are going to pick up some Vitamin D chewies at Target in the morning. Her blood work showed great good and bad cholesterol levels. It also revealed that her thyroid is not producing enough of the hormone that regulates her body's energy and metabolism. She has been prescribed Levothyroxine. She is excited about getting a pill case. I am sad that at 9 she has to have a pill case, and insulin, and test strips and needles and pokes and ketone strips and sugar on hand at all times.

I am 35 and I don't take any type of medicine - prescription or over the counter- to improve my health. She is 9. She is "broken perfect" I will do whatever it takes to keep her whole and together. To keep her healthy and happy! She is "broken perfect" and I may be "doing it wrong" but together we will figure this out!!

Click on the link below to watch Jack Butler- he's doing it wrong!

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