My babies!

My babies!
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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Time flies when you are having fun!

No matter what I do.... I can't stop it. No matter what I say...I can't stop it. No matter how I act...I can't stop it. No matter is right around the corner and summer is coming to an end. Must be true what they say. "Time flies when you are having fun!" We have had lots of fun this summer. I kept a calendar of all the fun things we did - just so we would be able to look back and remember.

A few weeks ago, we went and picked up all our school supplies. They have been hiding in the closet (out of sight, out of mind) since then. We decided to pull them out this morning and make a little craft project out of Kaci's spirals.

So easy and fun! All you need is spiral notebooks, ribbon and scissors!
Sprial notebooks? Check! Ribbon? Check! Scissors? Check!

Look how cute they turned out. When I took this picture- Kaci was still working on the yellow one. It turned out to be my favorite! Wish I had gotten a picture of it. The spiral was yellow with white dots- so all the ribbon she used was polk a dot too! ADORABLE!

Meet the teacher is just a few days away- so we have set all the goodies we need to lug up to school on the front foyer bench. A few more days of sleeping late and doing what we want to do.....Ah....only a few more days!

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