My babies!

My babies!
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Friday, September 30, 2011

Diorama and the Stomach bug

Kaci stayed home today with a touch of the stomach bug that has been going around school this week. She made a few trips to the bathroom- but mostly she made lots of trips to her meter. Whatever she has has really been working her bloodsugar levels! We have had lots of lows....which was the main reason I kept her home today.

However, it was also the perfect opportunity for her to work on her diaroma for her Independent Study class at school. It is an extension of her TAG class- that no matter what they tell basically EXTRA work for the TAG kids.....I don't have her in TAG to have MORE work, I put her in TAG so that she would have more challenging work.

Well- after many phone calls and email discussions- I have been told that in order to stay in TAG, she must also participate in this Independent Study here we are ...making the best of it. (Sorry- guess I needed to vent a little there!)

Either way- I love her diaroma! It is the relaxation portion of her backyard project. As you can see, she has a swimming pool, library and art section! I think those may just be her 3 favorite things; swimming, reading and painting! Good work, Kaci! I am proud of you!

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