My babies!

My babies!
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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Empty Bowl Project!

Have you heard of the "Empty Bowl Project"? If not, you should check it out at :

Here is an excerpt from their webpage:

"The Empty Bowl Project is a nationwide effort by potters to end hunger. ClayWays is proud to host the annual event to benefit the Capital Area Food Bank. We're asking student and professional potters to donate as many bowls as possible. The empty bowl project has been an incredible success every year, with each year being better than the last. Our goal this year is 1800 bowls! We're asking for average-size bowls (8 oz. - 14 oz.), wheel-thrown or handbuilt, made with food-safe glazes. And potters may include a card or pamphlet with each bowl donated. All bowl donations are tax-deductible.

Total Amount Raised for the last 5 years
2003 - $27,126
2004 - $34,235
2005 - $39,749
2006 - $37,855
2007 - $35,725 which enables the Food Bank to provide 187,130 meals.

Our records go back to the year 2000. . .
But estimates by the Food Bank would put the total cash raised in the past nine years providing well above 1,000,000 meals for hungry Texans!!
If you are, or know of anyone who is famous, that would make and sign, or just sign a premade bowl for our silent auction, please call ClayWays at 459-6445. Our final total increases dramatically with extra silent auction bowls. At the 2001 EB we raised over $13,000 with our silent auction. Please help!
Let us know if you'd like to donate bowls and/or time to this wonderful project by calling ClayWays at 459-6445. Thanks so much!"
This year, the Girl Scout council is having a contest where the girls are able to submit an entry for the "Empty Bowl Project" patch design! Kaci could not wait to get started! I just love the "bowl full of love" that she designed! We will let you know in a few weeks if she is the lucky winner!!! Until then, check out this website to learn more about how you can be a part of this great project that helps so many!

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