My babies!

My babies!
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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Claws for Paws!

Back in December- Kaci headed up a small group of 3 girls (including herself) to collect and gather items needed by the Humane Society of Williamson County. The girls gathered information on what items were needed most by the animal shelter and then got to work by asking their fellow classmates to bring in some of the most needed items. They used their lunch time and their recess to meet in their TAG teachers classroom to make this collection a success. They made bookmarks to pass out in the library with the collection information. They made a slide show explaining what was needed to show on the morning announcements. They decorated collection boxes and signs to be displayed around the school.

They called the collection "Claws for Paws"

I am so proud of all of the donations that they brought in to the school.

They got dog treats, dog and cat food, toys, blankets, pee pads, bones, cat litter, cat liners, and paper towels. Way to go girls! I feel so blessed to have raised a daughter (and a son- see the Pine Derby post ) who are on a consistent basis thinking of ways they can help others and their community! I must be doing something right!

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Christina said...

Way to go Kaci and friends. Never trust a person that doesn't at least like animals - if you find a person willing to let a dog lick their face chances are their a keeper.