My babies!

My babies!
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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Pine Derby!

So proud of my baby boy! Here he is bright and early at the Pine Derby for Boy scouts. The first thing we did when we arrived was carry in all of the food that Bailey collected for the "Souper Bowl of Caring". There are over 60 boy scouts and Bailey collected over 1/2 of the food that was turned in. Sadly- that must mean that some of the boys didn't even try- nor did their family make a donation. There is no way Bailey would have skipped out on taking the chance to help others. I have such a beautiful boy that knows what it means to put forth the extra effort to help those in need. I am so proud of him!

Here he is showing off his driver's license. Mr. Randall really put out lots of effort to make the Pine Derby a great success!

Here is my Clint and my "Mini-Clint"

Even Kaci and Grandma came to hang out bright and early at the Derby! Kaci got to set up a booth for her Girl Scout cookies! The 9-10 shift was slow- I guess most people were thinking about breakfast and not cookies! She only sold 2 boxes! BOO!

We were afraid we weren't going to be able to stick around long enough to see Bailey's car race. He had basketball pictures at 10- Thankfully we did!! Here he is cheering on his car!

Pine Derby is always a good time! This year we had to cut it short to make basketball pictures and games for Kaci and Bailey both. Glad we got to participate in part of it.

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